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Web Author's Notes:
Below are special pages dedicated to individual soldiers. These pages contain more detail on the soldier, his history, military experience and family. Soldier's are chosen for profiles when enough information can be found to provide interest to the reader. In many cases, detailed information has been provide by the soldier's descendants. More profiles will be added as information is found.
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Soldier Company Rank
1 Anderson, Cyrus I Private
2 Botsford, Eli W. C, Field and Staff Major
3 Buchanan, William H. C (90-day)
K, H, I, F
4 Butler, William F. D Private
5 Christopher, Joseph B Private
6 Corn, Silas Hunter B Captain
7 Davis, Jesse H. D Private
8 DeCourcey, John F. Field and Staff Colonel
9 Dennis, James M. F Corporal
10 Edgar, Joseph B Captain
11 Goodile, Philip D (9-month) Private
12 Hall, John C. C Sergeant
13 Harn, George Upton C (90-day)
14 Heckert, Benjamin F. C (90-day), K Lieutenant
15 Irvine, James Field and Staff (90-day) Colonel
16 Jacoby, Samuel Lay K (90-day) Private
17 Kershner, Philip E (90-day)
Field and Staff
Lt. Colonel
18 Kiefer, Henry Michael C (9-months) Private
19 Linn, Thomas B. B, Field and Staff Principal Musician
20 Marshall, Daniel S. K Musician
21 McClelland, John F. B Private
22 McCormick, William G, H Private
23 Mills, Milton D, Field and Staff Major
24 Mills, Newton D Private
25 Moody, Miller I (90-day) Captain
26 Morend, Peter Joseph E Private
27 Norton, Martin C Lieutenant
28 Otto, William Henry K Private
29 Patterson, Daniel K Corporal
30 Pierson, Enos C Corporal
31 Reid, William Warner C Corporal
32 Romey, Frederick G G Private
33 Russell, Thomas K Corporal
34 Scott, William Winfield B (90-day) Private
35 Shelly (Shelby), Peter I Private
36 Siegfried (Seigfreid), William H. C Private
37 St. Clair, William D Private
38 Swinehart, Adam B Private
39 Warner, Samuel K Private
40 Wiley, Aquila C (90-day) Captain
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