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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Soldier's Profile
Silas Hunter Corn
Captain, Company B
born: June 3, 1840 place: Millersburg, Ohio
father: David Corn born: April 5, 1801 place: Laurelton, West Virginia died: place:
mother: Elizabeth Hunter born: July 25, 1800 place: Westmoreland, Pennsylvania died: place:
pre-war occupation: student place: Vermillion Institute, Ashland, Ohio post-war occupation: Attorney, Hardware, Implement Business place: Cameron, Missouri
married: August 5, 1867 to: Annie Catherine Babb place: Grant County, West Virginia
wife born: August 12, 1840 place: Maysville, West Virginia died: September 12, 1911 place:
child: Wilbur S. born: April 29, 1868 place: Morgantown, West Virginia died: February 2, 1937 place:
child: Lena V. born: May 11, 1872 place: Cameron, Missouri died: 1949 place:
child: Mabel G. born: September 11, 1875 place: Cameron, Missouri died: 1959 place:
died: July 14, 1929 place: Cameron, Missouri cause of death:
burial: Graceland Cemetery place: Cameron, Missouri
Military Career
3-year service: September 23, 1861 Private Company B place:
appointed:: September 26, 1861 1st Sergeant Company B
promoted: February 19, 1862 2nd Lieutenant Company B
promoted: August 6, 1862 1st Lieutenant Company B
captured: December 29, 1862 place: Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, Vicksburg, Mississippi
imprisoned: December 29, 1862 thru March 23, 1863 place: Vicksburg and Jackson, Mississippi
imprisoned: March 23, 1862 place: Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia
exchanged: May 8, 1863 place: City Point, Virginia
rejoined regiment: July 4, 1863 place: rejoined regiment at Vicksburg, Mississippi on date of that city's fall to Union
promoted: May 21, 1864 Captain Company B
discharged: October 31, 1864 mustered out with regiment place:

Additional Details

Most information and photos, below, provided by Silas Corn's great-grandson, James Corn.

Civil War History of Silas Hunter Corn

June 3, 1840 Born on his parent's farm three miles west of Millersburg, OH.
September 23, 1861 Enlisted as Private, Co. B, 16th Ohio Volunteers, Millersburg, OH.  Sent to Camp Tiffen, Wooster, OH, for basic training.
September 26, 1861 Appointed 1st Sgt.
November, 1861 Companies transferred to Camp Dennison near Cincinnati, OH, to await outfitting with arms and training in their use.
December, 1861 thru September, 1862 Battles of Mill Springs and Cumberland Gap, KY, and Tazewell, TN.
February 19, 1862 Promoted to 2nd. Lt.
August 6, 1862 Promoted to 1st. Lt.
December 29, 1862 Captured at battle of Chickasaw Bayou, Vicksburg, MS.
January thru February, 1863 Imprisoned at Vicksburg and Jackson, MS.
March 23, 1863 Transferred to Libby Prison, Richmond, VA.
May 8, 1863 Exchanged at Camp Chase, OH.
May 21, 1863 Presented commemorative sword by citizens of Millersburg, OH, while home on leave.
June, 1863 Camp Chase, participated in putting down the Holmes County Rebellion.
July 4, 1863 Rejoined regiment, Vicksburg, MS. The Confederates surrendered on this date after the city had been under siege for 46 days.
July, 1863 Jackson, MS.
April, 1864 Alexandria, LA.
May, 1864 Mansura, LA. - Red River Expedition.
May 21, 1864 Promoted to Captain.
October 4, 1864 Mustered out (3-year enlistment).
ca. 1900 Military pension.
July 14, 1929 Died, buried in Graceland Cemetery, Cameron, MO.
Silas' brother, William David Corn, was in the 90-day army prior to Silas' enlistment. W.D., as he was known, wasn't eligible to enlist in the regular army as he was blind in one eye.

The above picture is a copy of a print made from a daguerreotype, date unknown. Silas H. Corn is seated 2nd from left and had been elected Orderly Sergeant or 1st Sergeant. This places the original between Sept. 1861 when Silas received his stripes and Feb. 1862 when he was promoted to 2nd Lt.

Front row, seated: left to right; Unknown, (a note on the back of the photo "he did not return"), Silas Hunter Corn, Orderly Sergeant, Millersburg, Ohio, Unknown, Unknown.

Standing Left: Unknown.

Standing Right: Thomas Miller, (married Letitia Corn, Silas' sister after the war)

According to S.H. Corn's Memoirs, 15 boys enlisted from his neighborhood (3 miles west of Millersburg). Of those, 7 served the full 3 year enlistment, 6 died of disease, 3 wounded, 1 killed in battle (William Chaney), 1 died of wounds, 1 later drafted, died of wounds (Ephraim Cellars, Silas' cousin).

Officers were: John F. DeCourcey, Colonel; George Bailey, Lt. Colonel; William Spangler, Capt. (a blacksmith who was the recruiter in Millersburg); Joseph Edgar, 1st LT. (Bloomfield, OH); Robert W. Liggett, 2nd Lt.

This group was transported by train to Camp Tiffin, Wooster, OH for basic training.

This photo is the reverse side of the portrait of Silas Corn shown at the top of this page.

Photo of sword in scabbard with inscription: Presented to Lieut. S. H. Corn for Gallant Conduct by the Citizens of Millersburgh, O. This sword was presented to Silas in May or June, 1863, upon return to his hometown after being exchanged as a prisoner of the Confederacy and shortly before he returned to duty with the 16th OVI in time for the July, 1864, surrender of Vicksburg, Mississippi, to the Union.

Click here to view the full text of the ceremony which presented the sword shown above and below to Silas H. Corn and his response

Full view of sword in scabbard.

Sword shown on display with military belt and sash.

Sword shown on display with military belt and sash.

Display of sash.

View of display board made to present photos and description of Silas Corn's military equipment and service.

Gravestone of Silas H. Corn located in Graceland Cemetery, near Cameron, Missouri
* image courtesy of and with permission from David Fry at

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