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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Soldier's Profile
Thomas Russell
Corporal, Company K
born: February 18, 1837 place: Pert Hope/Balliboro, Ontario, Canada
father: Robert J. Russell born: March 13, 1811 place: Loftus, England died: June 1, 1888 place: Akron, Ohio
mother: Sarah Adamson born: November 12, 1809 place: Framfield, Sussex, England died: Octoher 22, 1871 place: Creston, Ohio
pre-war occupation: carpenter place: Ontario, Canada - Wayne County, Ohio post-war occupation: farmer place: Wayne Country, Ohio
married: November 6, 1860 to: Emiline Gale Hotchkiss place: Caanan, Wayne County, Ohio
wife born: November 20, 1843 place: Canaan, Ohio died: November 28, 1914 place: Canaan, Ohio
child: Urelma Alfred born: June 10, 1861 place: Canaan, Ohio died: January 28, 1925 place: Wooster, Ohio
child: Henry Granger born: December 18, 1864 place: Ohio died: November 27, 1915 place: Massillion, Ohio
child: Harly R born: April 27, 1870 place: Canaan, Ohio died: February 22, 1957 place: Creston, Ohio
died: October 6, 1906 place: Canaan or Creston, Ohio cause of death:
burial: Canaan Center Cemetery place: Canaan, Ohio
Military Career
3-year service: September 30, 1861 Corporal Company K place:
wounded: November, 1862 Corporal Company K place:
discharged: December 16, 1862 discharged for accidental wounds believed to have lost several fingers from right hand place:

Additional Details

Details and most photos provided by Ronald Russell, great great grandnephew of Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell and wife Emiline Hotchkiss Russell
Bayonet with sheath belonging to Cpl Thomas Russell
believed to be a French Yataghan Sword-Bayonet
Gravestone of Cpl. Thomas Russell
located at Canaan Center Cemetery, Canaan, Ohio
image courtesy of and with permission from "Jim Z",
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