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Article from the Ohio Jeffersonian
November 28, 1862
Web Author's Notes:

This is an article listing the number of men who were recently drafted into various Ohio regiments including the 16th Ohio which is shown as receiving 92 men. During early 1862 the U.S. government wavered on whether or not more troops would be needed to fight the war. In the fall of that year it became clear more troops were needed and the Federal government ordered the states to use conscription to gather men. Go to this website's searchable database and choose a Term of Service of 9 months to see a listing of the 89 draftees on record as having been sent to the regiment due to this draft event. It may also be noted that 28% of these draftees died during their short, nine month service.

This article is from the Ohio Jeffersonian newspaper published November 28, 1862, and provided by 16th Ohio contributor Rob Garber.

newspaper article

DRAFTED MEN AT CAMP MANSFIELD.--.The following assignments of drafted men to the Old Regiments were made last week by Adjutant General Hill at Camp Mansfield:

To the16thO.V.I.92men
"27th"about 175"

Of the men not yet reported in camp, out on furlough, or absent without leave, it is impossible to speak with much certainty, but it is believed that four or five hundred men will be realized from that source. In order to make a final disposition of them, Gen. Hill ordered that they be assigned to the 21st, 27th, 43d, and 46th Regiments, as the men might prefer.

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