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Article from the Daily Zanesville Courier
May 3, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
This article is from the Daily Zanesville Courier newspaper and was published May 3, 1861. It was transcribed by long time website contributor John Pierson, a likely descendant of 16th Ohio soldier Pvt. Enos Pierson, Company C.

The article describes the formations of three infantry regiments, including the 16th Ohio, and the Captains of each Company and their county of origin. These regiments were established for a term of 90-days, the government believing the rebellion would be put down within that timeframe.

News from Ohio Volunteers.

Col. Lorin Andrews has appointed Mr. Underwood of Mt. Vernon, Quartermaster and Mr. Dufee, Adjutant of the Fourth Ohio Regiment. The Seventeenth Regiment is in camp at Lancaster. C. P. Buckingham has been appointed Assistant Adjutant General, and has accepted.

Three regiments were organized Wednesday, at Camp Jackson, viz: Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth.

Captain Muse,Zanesville,
.. Wallace,Belmont,
.. Kirby,Wyandot,
.. Buell,Marietta,
.. Cummins,Shelby,
.. Clark,Van Wert,
.. Wallace,Shelby,
.. Tyler,Wyandotte,
.. Dickey,Richland,
.. Andrews,Auglaize,
Captain Irwin,Coshocton,
.. Fulton,Ashland,
.. Bailey,Wayne,
.. McLane,Coshocton,
.. Mills,Muskinghum,
.. Collins,Tuscarawas,
.. McNulty,Holmes,
.. Moore,Guernsey,
.. Moody,Belleville,
.. Kirshner,Clarke,
Captain Giesey,Fairfield,
.. Foos,Clinton,
.. Thrall,Licking,
.. Acton,Madison,
.. Jackson,Perry,
.. Barker,Hocking,
.. Stinchcomb,Lancaster,
.. Ponds,Morgan Riflemen,
.. Haire,Pleasant Valley,
.. Florence,London Guards.
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