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Article from the Louisville Courier Journal
November 7, 1891
Web Author's Notes:

This is an announcement by a committee of 16th Ohio veterans of the intent to build and erect a monument at Cumberland Gap's most prominent landmark, The Pinnacle, commemorating the fact that the 16th Ohio was the first Union military unit to occupy The Gap when Confederate troops abandoned it on June 18, 1862. The 16th Ohio, along with many troops of Gen. George W. Morgan's large Union force, would hold The Gap for jsut three months before evacuating due to a siege imposed by the return of Confederate troops, nearly surrounding them.

No such monument can now be found at Cumberland Gap so it is possible the committee was not successful in raising the required funds or the location of the monument is no longer known.

This article is from the Louisville Courier Journal newspaper published November 7, 1891, and provided by 16th Ohio contributor Rob Garber.

newspaper article


Ohio Volunteer Infantrymen to Commemorate Their Occupancy of Cumberland Gap.

Middlesborough, Ky., Nov. 6.--(Special.) --Official notification has just been received in this city that at a called meeting of the Sixteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, held November 2, at Wooster, O., the following preamble and resolutions were adopted to wit:

"Whereas, the Sixteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry having been the first Union regiment to occupy Cumberland Gap on the day it was evacuated by the Confederate troops, June 18, 1862, we deem it proper to commemorate the event by the erection of a suitable monument on the pinnacle, and as a means of carrying out the object act forth in this preamble, be it

Resolved, That we proceed to organize the Sixteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry Monumental Association.

Resolved, That there be a Board of Trustees elected, whose duty it shall be to have charge of the securing of a sufficient sum of money to erect a suitable monument. Said trustees are to consist of members of the regiment and citizens of Middlesborough and Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

On motion the following gentlemen were elected as trustees: Capts. A. S. McClure, Harry McClarran, Enos Pierson, George Emery, Samuel Metzgar, all of Wooster, O.; Martin Weller and Hon. A. J. Branstetter, of Wooster, O.; Messrs. A. A. Arthur, J. M. Brooks, J. W. Campbell and F. H. Earle, all of Middlesborough, Ky.; G. B. Cockrell, Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

On motion F. H. Earle was made Corresponding Secretary and Manager at Middlesborough, Ky.

ENOS PIERSON, Secretary.

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