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April 25, 1861 through September 19, 1925
Web Author's Notes:

This index provides access to a collection of newspaper articles referencing the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and appearing in varoius newspapers during and after the Civil War.

All newspapers are from Ohio cities unless otherwise noted.

Item Publish Date Newspaper Description
90 Day Regiment - April through August, 1861
Article April 25, 1861 Holmes County Farmer Account of meeting held at the county courthouse of Millersburg, Ohio, preparing Holmes County men volunteering to join the Union Army in response to Ft. Sumpter.
Article May 3, 1861 Daily Zanesville Courier Describes formation of three infantry regiments, including the 16th Ohio, from men in the central Ohio area.
Three Year Regiment - September, 1861 through October, 1864
Article November 28, 1862 The Ohio Jeffersonian Lists number of men recently drafted and to which regiments they have been or will be assigned.
Article November 7, 1891 The Louisville Courier Announcement of a committee formed by 16th Ohio veterans with the mission to fund and erect a monument on The Pinnacle (landmark) at Cumberland Gap.
Article September 23, 1906 The Leavenworth Kansas Times Informs readers that the 16th Ohio was discharged honorably despite some comments to the contrary, apparently by the President of the United States.
Article September 19, 1925 Circleville Daily Union-Herald Historical write-up on the history of the 16th Ohio 64 years after it's formation.
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