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Diary of Peter Shelly
Private, Company I
Private, Company C, 114th OVI
September 3, 1862 through August 17, 1865
Web Author's Notes:
Images of the diary of Pvt. Peter Shelly were submitted to this website by Jon Fackler, great great grandson of the soldier. Excerpts were transcribed from the diary by the web author and reflect the actual diary text as accurately as possible. It should be noted that the 16th OVI left Morganza, Louisiana, on October 6, 1864, bound for home and mustering out of the regiment but Pvt. Shelly, along with others from the regiment, stayed in Morganza and were transferred to the 114th OVI. This is because they enlisted into the 16th OVI later than most of the regiment and had time left on their three year term of service. Also, please note that Peter Shelly was listed in various Civil War-era documents as Peter Shelby and is entered into the 16th OVI searchable database on this website as such (Shelby).

Page 5 - December 28, 1862 to March 10, 1863

December 28th

Heavy fighting with the enemy all day.

December 29

We made a charge on the Enemy works but were repulsed with heavy loss. 136 of our Regt were captured my self included and were taken to Vicksburgh the same day where we were held in close confinement until...

January 30th AD 1863

we left Vicksburg and took the cars for Jackson, Miss where we arrived the same day and were confined in a Bridge across Pearl River

March 10th

We left Jackson and took the cars to go to our lines at New Orleans (in charge of Col. Shymanski

Page 6 - March 12 to May 1, 1863

March 12th

We crossed Lake Ponchertrain in a Schooner.

March 13th

We disembarked and were turned over to Our Officers near New Orleans and were taken to the City and Quartered in the Jackson Barrack the same day.

April 18th

We got aboard the Sail Ship Underwriter to go to New York.

April 19th

Left New Orleans and had a pleasant trip untill the...

May 1st

We had a pretty heavy storm to day and continued stormy until ...

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