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last update: April 8, 2016

I am constantly searching for, collecting and publishing all information and images concerning the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry that I can find. Although many miscellaneous items are published on a near daily basis, the following subjects represent the specific topics which I am pursuing at this time.


Conversion of this site to HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 was completed in the summer of 2015.


* email folders for over 507 soldiers
* Windows folders for 831 soldiers
* over 1380 web pages
* over 2400 image files
* two active server pages (.asp) (one of which is still under development)
* one Microsoft Access database containing information on over 2400 soldiers


I have completed compiling a detailed account of the regiment's location and activities on a day-by-day basis for the three year regiment. The account is available here and includes maps, mileages, locations and descriptions of where the regiment was and what they it was doing on a daily basis. Remaining to be developed is the day-by-day account of the 90-day regiment.


I am collecting and publishing death and burial information for the 16th OVI soldiers here. I currently have documented at least some death information on well over 800 soldiers. This information often includes additional biographical data on the soldier.


I have an individual history for thirteen of the 20 companies (90-day and 3-year formations) and am looking for eight more. See the histories published so far, here


Profiles for over 38 soldiers are available on the Soldier's Profile page. I have information on many more and will be adding profiles as information is received and time permits.


Thanks to Arlan Heiser, I have plenty of documentation to review. Currently provided are pages with complete or partial transcripts of the proceedings of over 17 reunions and another 22 pages containing reunion related images. There are at least 18 more to transcribe (I have the information) and at least nine others for which I have no detailed documentation.

Contributor Arlan Heiser has completed all the Reunion Attendance charts. I have published one for Company C. After 17 years, I now realize I'll have to find a way to get Arlan's data off the several floppy disks he sent to me back in 1997 so I can get it incorporated onto the website. I'll get to them all as time permits. Thanks again, Arlan!


The website has been fortunate to receive a copy of a series of articles written about 20 years after the war by Theodore Wolbach, formerly a Corporal in Company E. These articles provide a detailed narrative of the three-year 16th Ohio from it's inception, through all its battles, camps and travels and to its disbanding in October, 1864. Publishing of these articles is now complete. They are the definitive account of the history of the regiment and provide an entertaining and sometimes emotional look at the 16th Ohio. Sincere thanks to Rob Garber for researching the articles and obtaining the entire set from the Holmes County (Ohio) Library.


Rumors are that more volumes of the Thomas B. Linn diaries exist. When they are discovered and made available to this website, they will be published. You can enjoy July, 1863 through January 1864 right now!


I am publishing all images I can find of 16th OVI soldiers, regardless of their age at the time of the photo. There are currently images of over 174 different 16th OVI soldiers plus multiple photos of some. See the Soldier's Image Index page.

There must be group photos of the regiment as well as many other individuals scattered throughout the land. Any assistance in finding such photos will greatly enhance the web site.

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