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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
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Web Author's Notes:
Below is an index to the company rosters and histories currently available for 16th Ohio 90-day and three-year formations.

Some information, below, was gathered from Larry Steven's website Ohio in the Civil War who obtained same from Steve Ward's Buckeyes All Part II Revised. Click on the Company to view its full roster or click yes under the History column to see its history.

Company History City/County of Origination Nickname Date Organized Organized By
90 Day Regiment yes State of Ohio Carrington Guards April 27, 1861
Company A yes Coshocton, Coshocton County The Union Guards April 20, 1861 Nicholas R. Tidball - Private
Company B yes Ashland, Ashland County April 23, 1861
Company C yes Wooster, Wayne County April 20, 1861
Company D yes Coshocton, Coshocton County April 20, 1861
Company E yes Springfield, Clark County Jefferson Guards April 23, 1861
Company F yes New Philadelphia, Tuscawaras County Tuscawaras Guards April 16, 1861
Company G yes Millersburg, Holmes County McNulty Guards April 22, 1861 James McNulty - Captain
Company H Cambridge, Guernsey County Ferguson's Guernsey Guards April 20, 1861
Company I yes (1)
yes (2)
Bellville, Richland County April 22, 1861 Miller Moody - Captain
Company K Dresden, Muskingum County (Color Company) Canaan Guards April 22, 1861 Milton Mills - Captain
Company Band yes Springfield, Clark County Henry Hawkins Band April 20, 1861
Three Year Regiment yes State of Ohio October 2, 1861
Company A Muskingum and Wayne Counties Zanesville Blues (anecdotal) Robert W. P. Muse - Captain
Company B yes Ashland and Holmes Counties (Color Company) September, 1861 William Spangler (Millersburg)
Joseph Edgar (Bloomfield)
Robert Liggett (Nashville)
Company C yes (1)
yes (2)
Wayne County September 1, 1861 Eli Botsford - Captain, George W. Stine, C. W. Oldroyd
Company D Muskingum County Milton Mills - Captain
Company E Holmes County
Company F yes Clark and Union Counties
Company G Wayne County
Company H Wayne County
Company I Bellville, Richland County and Wayne County
Company K yes Wayne County October 2, 1861
90 Day Regiment History 16th OVI Home Page Three Year Regiment History