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Diary and Letters of Thomas Buchanan Linn, Drummer, 16th OVI
Excerpts from the Diaries
October, 1863
Web Author's Notes:
The following excerpts were transcribed from the diary of Thomas B. Linn, a drummer in the 16th OVI. This transcription was kindly provided by John M. Pierson who obtained it from Mary Bavender. Links to transcriptions of letters written by or to Pvt. Linn are also provided on the appropriate dates.
Pvt. Thomas Buchanan Linn

Thursday, Oct. 1, 1863

Sun out and weather pleasant. Harry Myers, Newt Gorsuch and I cross the bayou for sweet potatoes and pumpkins. Suttlers set up their shop, had a long chat with Eckles and Lemon the Suttlers. Lemon was a member of Co. E. and lost a leg at Chickasaw Bayou. Raymond Fenner and I capture an oven-pan and I a plate and fork tonight.

October 2, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to Mother

Friday, Oct. 2, 1863

Ed McCoy came up this morning long before day. Looks natural as life. Got an order on the Suttler for two dollars and deal it out. Newt Gorsuch, Ed McCoy, Harry Myers and I wash our shirts this P.M. Prepare for marching in the morning. Received letters from Lizzie and Billy Fleming and a Republican. Wrote to Father and Mother and to Billy Fleming and send the letters and books by Mr. Eckle. Two years ago we were mustered in as U.S. Soldiers at Camp Tiffin, Ohio. Of that large regiment of ardent young soldiers but a remnant of veterans remains. It has buried its dead in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia and Louisiana. It has won honor in the battles of Cumberland Gap, Tazewell, Tenn., Chickasaw Bayou, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, Black River Bridge, Siege of Vicksburg and siege of Jackson, Miss. What will the next year bring forth and who will be left to tell the story?

Saturday, Oct. 3, 1863

Start on our march this morning at the appointed time and traveled in a little north of west direction all day. Passed through a little town - Paris - something. Supposed to have come 15 miles. Not so tired as I expected to be.

Sunday, Oct. 4, 1863

On the road by 6 o'clock this morning and came west. Passed through Centerville and go in to camp at Franklin. Came 10 miles. Boys more than go for sweet-potatoes. Stood the march finely.

Monday, Oct. 5, 1863

Off early came through Franklin and left a little town to our right. Marched some 12 miles. Paid off this evening for two months. $26.00. Hired a negro, Randal, to cook for us at $5.00 a month.

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1863

Fourth day of the March and come about 12 miles. This evening Gen. Lawler made one of the 42nd Ohio carry his knapsack back and forth as a punishment for going to a house. One of the 18th Indiana boy's cursed Gen. Lawler in his quarters and was arrested.

Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1863

Lay over today. Fosse and Murray of Co. A. have a knockdown. Letter I wrote to Ike McCullough came back to the regiment again.

Thursday, Oct. 8, 1863

Taking off and putting on my drumhead. Write to Lizzie also a few words to Ike McCullough and start his letter to him again.

abt. October 8, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to L.S.

Friday, Oct. 9, 1863

Aroused by Newt this morning and found every body almost ready to march. Hustled round and was ready as soon as the rest were. Made an extremely hard march today and am very stiff and sore. Suppose to have come 20 miles today. Came through two towns both handsome little villages called New Iberia and Martinsville. Saw plenty of Mexicans and some pretty girls.

Saturday, Oct. 10, 1863

Early start this morning. Came about 10 miles and stop early. Boys going for sweet potatoes, hogs, etc.

Sunday, Oct. 11, 1863

Out foraging with Newt Gorsuch and Hen Snyder and bring in a lot of chickens. Found three letters for me - from Lizzie, Rebecca Powers and one from home bringing news of the deaths of my twin brother and sister. Albert died August 22nd and Allie died September 18th. Wrote to Father and Mother and to Si Martin.

October 11, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to Father and Mother

Monday, Oct. 12, 1863

Lying around camp and resting, eating chickens, etc. Looks like rain this evening and we ditch around our tent.

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1863

Rained hard last night - clear this morning. Received a letter from Frank Wilson. Election day -- soldiers voting - some excitement. Put in my first vote, voted the straight Union ticket headed by John Brough for Governor. Vote in our regiment stands - Brough; 157 - Valanding- ham 23 - Brough's majority 134. In camp near Vermillionville, La.

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1863

Brigade drill this forenoon, took all forenoon. On short rations. Strict orders forbidding foraging by the men were read at dress parade this evening.

Thursday, Oct. 15, 1863

Brigade drill.

Friday, Oct. 16, 1863

Battalion drill. Wrote letters for Harry Myers to Billy Korn's brother, and one to Father.

Saturday, Oct. 17, 1863

No Battalion drill this morning but regiment cleans quarters. Wrote to Lizzie, Brownhill, George Smith and Rebecca Powers.

letter from T.B.L. to Father

October 16, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to Father

October 17, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to Brother Brownhill

October 17, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to to L.S.

Sunday, Oct. 18, 1863

No drill today - dress parade this evening. Received letter from Brownhill.

Monday, Oct. 19, 1863

Company drill this morning. Wrote to Frank Wilson and more in Brownhills letter.

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1863

Regiment on picket today.

October 19, 1863 - letter from T.B.L. to to Brother Brownhill

Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1863

Regiment came in from picket this morning. Orders to be ready to move in the morning if provision train comes in tonight.

Thursday, Oct. 22, 1863

Provision train did not get in and marching orders were countermanded. Received marching orders later tonight. We go in the morning.

Friday, Oct. 23, 1863

Rained last night and still raining this morning. Get up and dry our things out as best we can and march off in the rain. Rain and wind all day - very cold. Raymond Fenner nearly frozen - so are many others - myself included. Suppose we came 14 miles.

Saturday, Oct. 24, 1863

Off early this morning very cold but clear and the sun is shining. Wind blows quite strong yet. Came about 12 miles and went into camp near Opelousis, La.

Sunday, Oct. 25, 1863

Sun out but still cold. Harry Myers and I go out foraging and bring in a mess of potatoes.

Monday, Oct. 26, 1863

Pleasant today. Orders to be ready to march in the morning at seven o'clock. Reported we are to take the backward track.

Tuesday, Oct. 27, 1863

Sure enough we do take the backward route this morning. Pass a human skeleton some wretch had hung on a large tree by the roadside after sticking a hard-tack in its mouth. Marched twelve miles to where we camped last Friday night as we advanced. Companies B and E suddenly ordered to march - destination unknown. Newt Gorsuch, Ed McCoy, Harry Myers and I ordered to stay with the regiment.

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1863

Day warm and pleasant. Spent the day in copying Sammy Risinger's diary (Co. C.)

Thursday, Oct. 29, 1863

Companies B and E came in about three o'clock this morning - they had been guarding a Catholic institution. Start at six o'clock this morning and march 14 miles - misting and raining all day. Came through Vermillionville. Large mail for us. Received letters from Lizzie, Uncle Caldwell Tidball and Dave Williams and two Republicans of October 1st and 8th.

Friday, Oct. 30, 1863

Lieut. Col. Kershner came back to the regiment last night. Start this morning at four o'clock and march 24 miles to New Iberia. Foot gave out today and I had to ride awhile - rode about seven miles and had my drum and knapsack hauled the rest of the way. Lieut. Boling and Warner Hall got back to the regiment. Lieut. Boling brought me two shirts, pair of socks and a pair of buckskin gloves from home. Had a long talk with Warner Hall about Millersburg folks.

Saturday, Oct. 31, 1863

Cold and clear in the forenoon, more pleasant in the afternoon. Trying to get a calf-skin to make a drum-head. Regiment mustered for pay.

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