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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Saturday, January 17, 1863

On this day, the 16th Ohio and McClernand's troops, aboard steamboats, began moving from Napoleon, Arkansas, south toward Vicksburg. Very little detail is available so the web author will estimate the location of the troops as they float down the Mississippi River.

Gen. McClernand's forces, part of Gen. Ulysses Grant's Army of the Mississippi, was to be quartered for the winter near Vicksburg and in anticipation of a full military campaign against that city soon to come.

Modern map of the locations of the 16th Ohio as it moved south with Gen. McClernand's fleet toward its winter quarters near Vicksburg, Mississippi on January 17, 1863.

Lavender pushpin - Arkansas Post, Arkansas (on the Arkansas River)
Yellow pin - Napoleon, Louisiana (no longer exists)
Green pin - notional point on the Mississippi River where McClernand's fleet reached on January 17, 1863
Red pushpin - approximate position of Young's Point, Louisiana, the destination of Grant't fleet and winter campsite of his army
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