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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Regimental Roster by Company

Web Author's Notes:
The following pages present the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry regimental roster by company. Each roster is sorted by the soldier's last name. Soldier's who transferred between companies within the 16th OVI generally appear in the roster of each company. Their termination date will be shown on the roster of the company of which they were a member at the time of termination. If a soldier transferred to a military unit other than the 16th OVI, the termination date will reflect the date of transfer to that unit and not the date of termination of military service.

These pages present static lists of the soldiers in each 16th O.V.I. company. To dynamically search a full database of soldiers using various selection criteria, go to the Searchable Roster Database. These static pages are included on the website so that the names of each soldier may get added to the various Internet search engines allowing people to more easily find a soldier.

Rosters for all companies of the 3-year and 90-day regiments are now available.  Also included is a roster of all 89 soldiers drafted into the 16th OVI for a nine month term.   The roster data column "Web ID" is a number assigned to the soldier for reference by this website and is not associated with any government or other official designation.

Company Soldier Count
90 Day Regiment - 969 Soldiers
May, 1861 through August, 1861
Field &Staff   8
Company "A" 91
Company "B" 117
Company "C" 94
Company "D" 106
Company "E" 106
Company "F" 86
Company "G" 94
Company "H" 88
Company "I"   92
Company "K" 87
Three Year Regiment - 1195 Soldiers
September 1861 through October, 1864
Field &Staff   27
Company "A" 115
Company "B" 110
Company "C" 113
Company "D" 111
Company "E" 111
Company "F" 121
Company "G" 136
Company "H" 109
Company "I"   121
Company "K" 120
9 Month Draftees - 89 Soldiers
October, 1862 through August, 1863
(served with 3-year companies)
All Companies 89

* Please note that some soldiers served in more than one Company making the total counts greater than actual number of individual soldiers served.

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