Soldier's Profile of William Reid 16th OVI Home Page 1861-1862
Diary of William Warner Reid
Corporal, Company C
September 20, 1861 through July 3, 1864
Web Author's Notes:
The following excerpts were transcribed from the diary of William Warner Reid, a corporal in the 16th OVI. This transcription was provided by Robert Fisher, great-great grandson of the soldier.

Update 2/19/2011: The text of this diary has been found to be nearly identical to that of the diary of Pvt. Peter Perrine, also of Company C, and published on this website along with actual images of the diary pages. It is believed that soldiers often copied each other's diaries near or shortly after the war's end, so they could have a record of their service. At this time it is not known who the original author of the Reid/Perrine diary really is. It could have been copied from yet another soldier's diary or may possibly reflect an assembly of more than one soldier's diaries. It should be noted that looking at the images of the Perrine diary pages, due to the consistency of the writing, it is likely the Perrine diary was copied in one sitting from another diary.

Cpl. William Warner Reid

September 1861 to December, 1862

January to December, 1863

January to July, 1864

Soldier's Profile of William Reid 16th OVI Home Page 1861-1862