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Diary of William Warner Reid
Corporal, Company C
1861 - 1862
Web Author's Notes:
The following excerpts were transcribed from the diary of William Warner Reid, a corporal in the 16th OVI. This transcription was provided by Robert Fisher, great-great grandson of the soldier.

Cpl. William Warner Reid


William Warner Reid


13 January

Embarked on the Matamora and went to Indianola, Texas on the opposite side of the bay in Calhoun County, 15 miles from Decrous Point. We were first quartered in houses and then put up our tents near town.

19 January

Company C was detailed for Provost Guards. Moved up town and were quartered in a good house. Had very easy times.

3 February

1st and 2nd Brigades went to Port Leavacoa today after lumber.

4 February

Brigade returned.

7 February

General Ord reviewed the Division today.

8 March

General McClennard arrived today.

9 March

The evacuation of Indianola began today, heavy storms.

13 March

We evacuated Indianola and marched to Fort Esperanza. While crossing a bayou the pontoons sunk and 27 men from the 69th Indiana were downed. We remain as guards at Division Headquarters.

29 March

We were paid off today.

4 April

General Dana left on the Clinton for New Orleans.

8 April

Provost Marshall and Guard moved down to General Warren's Headquarters.

18 April

The Company was relieved this morning and went to the landing where we were joined by the Regiment. Our Regiment and the 49th Indiana got onboard steamships and by dark were well out to sea. Had pleasant trip.

19 April

Were overhauled by the gunboat Tennessee this evening. She fired 5 shots at us.

20 April

Arrived off the mouth of the Mississippi River. Took a pilot on board.

21 April

Arrived at New Orleans at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The Regiment quartered in the New Orleans Cotton Press.

22 April

Loaded our baggage on the steamer John H. Grossbeck. We drew new arms.

23 April

The fleet started out this morning and went up river.

24 April

Passed Baton Rouge and Port Hudson and arrived at the mouth of the Red River about 11 o'clock this evening. We passed the gunboat Black Hawk about sunrise at the mouth of the Black River.

25 April

Arrived at Alexandria, Louisiana about dark. General A.J. Smith's forces just returned from Grand Ecore. The enemy having followed our army in are about 6 miles from town.

27 April

We moved to the front and into camp. Alexandria is a nice town.

28 April

Just got our camp fixed up and had to fall out, the enemy drove in our cavalry. We advanced about 1 mile and formed our line. The cavalry had some skirmishing. We were ordered back into town, where we formed two lines of battle and threw up works. Burned all buildings as we fell back.

29 April

Fix up our camp in rear of our works.

30 April

Moved 3/4 mile to the front with one brigade and lay on picket. The 114th and 49th Indiana returned to camp.

1 May

The 16th is relieved by the 114th Indiana and returned to camp. The right wing of our regiment is building a dam in the river, so that gunboats can get up over the falls. Several of gunboats being in a bad fix.

2 May

Still in camp washing and cleaning up. Got orders to move at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Went to the front and skirmished with the enemy. Drove them off 2 miles and returned to camp.

3 May

Had our camp moved up and fixed up camp.

4 May

Had inspection this afternoon. The enemy fired several shells at our camp, but our batteries soon silenced them. We threw up works tonight. About 160 of the 120th Ohio came in. Their boat was attacked yesterday and all the regiment was killed and captured, but 160.

5 May

The 1st and 3rd Divisions went to the front and drove the enemy back 7 miles. We took 3 prisoners and killed and wounded many. Our losses were 1 killed and 15 wounded. Returned to camp.

6 May

The 1st and 3rd Divisions went to the front again and found the enemy in the same place again. Drove them 2 miles and camped for the night.

7 May

Our forces advanced as far as the bridge near McNults Hill. Returned 3 miles and went into camp. Remained camped until 13 May. The gunboats passed safely over the falls on 9 May. The enemy fire on all boats that attempt to come up the Red River. Our communications are entirely cut off.

13 May

Evacuated Alexandria and marched 14 miles and camped. Alexandria was nearly all burned.

14 May

Resumed our march this morning going very slow. Our Corps is guarding the trains which are 8 miles long. There is considerable skirmishing in front also in the rear. We marched about 15 miles.

15 May

Moved our camp a few yards to the left where we have more ground and are not crowded so much. We were paid 4 months pay this evening.

16 May

We moved on Marksville. Our advance (the 19th Corps) met the enemy in pretty heavy force, after about 1/2 hour fighting we drove them back. They retired to Chevneville and after we passed they came on our rear. We went a few miles to a bayou and lay all night, very much fatigued and worn down.

17 May

Resumed our march and went 10 miles to Yellow Bayou, where the enemy had an old fort. General Smith took the rear here.

18 May

About 10 o'clock the enemy attacked General A.J. Smith's force, but were repulsed. The fighting was pretty severe and at times very heavy until 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when the enemy retired. The enemy acknowledged a loss of 2000 men. We took 250 prisoners. Our brigade was ordered to the front and lay in line of battle all night.

19 May

Our Corps went off to the left 6 miles to make a flank movement on the enemy, but they retired.

20 May

The whole army crossed the Atchafalaya River on a bridge formed across the bows of steamers. By 4 o'clock everything was going down the right bank of the river towards the Mississippi River. Marched all night and reached the Mississippi River at daylight.

21 May

Marched all day then camped.

22 May

Fixed up a regular camp and stayed until 29 May.

29 May

Moved about 3 miles farther down nearer the river.

30 May

Left camp this morning at 5 o'clock. Marched out on the Baton Rouge road 10 miles and rested until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We resumed our march went about 12 miles farther. Rested until morning. Considerable skirmishing in front. Bushwhackers fired into 3rd Division killing a Captain and wounding 4 men.

31 May

Fell in at 6 o'clock and back within 10 miles of camp. Rained hard all afternoon. Are ordered to remain here overnight.

2 June

Considerable rain in the afternoon. We started for the river at 5 o'clock. Arrived at camp about 9 o'clock tonight.

5 June

A detail from our regiment went out about 6 miles and lay in ambush along a road until the evening of 6 June, when they returned to camp.

8 June

Two brigades of the 13th Corps went out on a scout in the direction of Slimeport. They were accompanied by a regiment of cavalry.

15 June

Moved our camp a few yards to the left where we have more ground and are not crowded so much. We were paid 4 months pay this evening.

25 June

Troops were reviewed by Major General Reynolds our present Corps commander.

3 July

Moved our camp again 2 1/2 miles down the river close to the landing. The river is very low and warm. The weather is extremely warm.

The 16th Ohio Infantry traveled by rail 1265 miles, by steamer 1200 miles and marched 1622 miles.

--- end of diary ---

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