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Letter from William Buchanan, Sergeant, Co, B, 16th OVI,
Camp Dennison, Cincinnati, Ohio - December 7, 1861
to editor of Holmes County Republican newspaper, Wooster, Ohio
Published December 19, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
Sgt. William Buchanan, Company B, submitted this letter and roster to the Holmes County Republican newspaper. The purpose of the letter was to provide and publish an accounting of all the men who had joined Company B of the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and who were now at Camp Dennison, near Cincinnati, Ohio, being trained and equipped for deployment in the war.

William Buchanan, not be confused Capt. William Buchanan, Company F, served in Company B until he was discharged for disability on June 19, 1863, having participated in the regiment's most bloody battles. Buchanan later re-enlisted as a 2nd Lieutenant in Company A of the 166th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, serving from May 2 until September 9, 1864.

The letter was researched and transcribed by long time website contributor John Pierson, a likely descendant of 16th Ohio soldier Pvt. Enos Pierson, Company C.

Sgt. William Buchanan
Sgt. William Buchanan
newspaper article

Muster Roll

Of Capt. Wm. Spangler's company, in the 16th Regt. Ohio Volunteers, commanded by Col. John F. de Courcy, called into the service of the United States by the President, from the 2d day of October, 1861, for the term of three years, unless sooner discharged.

The Company was organized in Millersburg, in the month of August, and marched thence to Camp Tiffin, Wooster, Ohio, where it arrived the 23d day of Sept.

Wm. SpanglerCapt.Millersburg
Jos. Edgar,1st Lieut.MechanicTp.
Robt. Liggett,2d "Washington"
Silas Corn,Ord. Sarg't,Hardy"
John Boling,Sarg't,  ""
Wm. Buchanan"Monroe"
H. Tipton,"Knox"
M. D. Force,"Hardy"
Ed. McCoy,Corp'lCoshocton."
John Ewing "Salt Creek"
Thos. Edgar"Mechanic"
Thos. Graham"Coshocton.
J. Cole"Salt Creek"
Wm. Korns"Hardy"
T. Phillips"Monroe"
Paul Wilder"Hardy"
Henry Levingston jr.Monroe"
Henry Levingston sr.  ""
Warner HallHardy"
Allen IsaacWayne Co.
Adams, Geo.Killbuck"
Achamire, J. H.Hardy"
Adkson, D.B.Mechanic"
Anderson, Wm.Monroe"
Beegle, Jos.Hardy"
Boling, J. G.Washington"
Buchanan IsaacMonroe"
Christopher Jos.Killbuck"
Campbell Fred'kKnox"
Carpenter, Jos.Killbuck"
Collins NathanMechanic"
Claney Wm.Hardy"
Cornell JonathanMonroe"
Detwiler S. D.Mechanic"
Duncan Andrew  ""
Donalds I. H.Washington"
Degler HenryBerlin"
Edgar JohnMechanic"
Frizel Sam'l  ""
Farra Sam'lHardy"
Fisher Sam'lMechanic"
Gamble ThomasHardy"
Gault Sam'lWayne Co.
Gray Sam'lKillbuck"
Gorsuch R. N.Ripley"
Hostetler AndrewMechanic"
Hostetler Jacob  ""
Henderson GeorgeHardy"
Kline WestleyBerlin"
Cline KnoxWashington"
Linn Thos. B.Ripley"
McClelland J. F.Monroe"
McLaughlin Robt.Mechanic"
McLaughlin Hugh  ""
McLaughlin John  ""
McLuggage JohnCoshocton Co.
McKenzie Wm.Mechanic"
Miller SamuelMonroe"
Miller Thos. B.  ""
Miller DanielWashingt'n"
Moore Wm. S.Richland"
Mayers HarrisonHardy"
Martin JosiahMonroe"
Nixon AlfredKillbuck"
Nowels StephenBerlin"
Price Simon P.Hardy"
Parcell EnosKnox"
Parcell Luther  ""
Parcell Benj. H.  ""
Powelson Martin V.Richland"
Rosenberger JohnMechanic"
Robertson James A.Hardy"
Roberts Wm. G.Ripley"
Shire JacobKnox"
Swinehart AdamMechanic"
Shank JacobKnox"
Scott James  ""
Smail Wm.Monroe"
Smith Wm.Killbuck"
Snyder SamuelHardy"
Stimmel JohnMonroe"
Strock Myron F.Mechanic"
Shannon Samuel  ""
Shank GeorgeWashington"
Shire HenryRipley"
Shannon Thomas W.Mechanic"
Snyder HenryHardy"
Smith Jonathan Z.Mechanic"
Tipton JamesKnox"
Taylor James B.  ""
Tidball HughHardy"
Weatherwax AbramMechanic"
Weatherwax George  ""
Wade Samuel W.  ""
Williams Wm.  ""
Williams John M.  ""
Williams Thomas D.Monroe"
Wilson Benj. F.Ripley"
Warner Charles W.Monroe"
Wallick CharlesHardy"
Weaver IsaacGerman"
Young NathanKnox"
Zink CharlesWashington"
German1Walnut Creek0
Killbuck6Salt Creek2
Hardy20Coshocton Co.3
Berlin3Wayne Co.2
Total ------------------------------------- 104

CAMP DENNISON, December 7th, 1861.

MR. CASKEY:--The reason this muster roll was not sent for publication before this time, is, we were waiting for some men to complete the company. When I commenced this roll I intended it to be a complete copy of the original muster roll; but came to the conclusion, that it would take up too much space in your papers; so I did not carry it in full. You can publish it to suit your space and convenience. The men in Capt. Spangler's company, in pint of morality and intelligence, will, I think, compare favorably with any company in the Regiment. The number of each profession is as follows: 66 Farmers, 13 carpenters, 11 school teachers, 2 blacksmiths, 1 shoemaker, 1 miller, 1 minister, 1 student, 1 potter, 1 surveyor, 1 sawyer and engineer, 1 clerk, 1 saddle & harness-maker, 1 teamster. And to our credit, we are glad to say, we have not so far, been compelled to put any of this company in the Guard house for disorderly conduct.


Camp Dennison
Camp Dennison, near Cincinnati, Ohio
ca. 1858

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