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Diary and Letters of Thomas Buchanan Linn, Drummer, 16th OVI
Excerpts from the Diaries
January, 1864
Web Author's Notes:
The following excerpts were transcribed from the diary and letters of Thomas B. Linn, a drummer in the 16th OVI. This transcription was kindly provided by John M. Pierson who obtained it from Mary Bavender.
Pvt. Thomas Buchanan Linn

Friday, Jany. 1, 1864

New-Year's morning. Weather very cold and disagreeable. Last night coldest of the season. Ice frozen this morning three inches through. Noon - wind goes down and sun has some effect. Cleaning the sand out of our tent this afternoon. Calm tonight but cold. Can hear the Gulf roar again - a good sign.

Saturday, Jany. 2, 1864

Drizzling all day. Are mustered for pay this morning. Wrote a long letter to Lizzie. Beginning to throw up earthworks above camp. Talk of rebels attacking us.

January 2, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to L.S.

Sunday, Jany. 3, 1864

Drizzling this morning. Noon - sun out and fog lifting. Sold Diary to Frank Wilson for forty cents. Wrote to Becky Powers. Dress parade this afternoon. Evening - drizzling again. Copied Gov. Tod's letter to Major Mills.

Monday, Jany. 4, 1864

Drizzling all day. Wind veering round to the North-West - very cold. Wrote letter for the Republican.

letter from T.B.L. to Holmes Co. Republican

January 4, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to the Holmes County Republican newspaper

Tuesday, Jany. 5, 1864

A Nor'Wester blowing all day. Kept under our blankets to keep warm. Mail in this evening. Received letters from Lizzie, Dave Williams and a Republican.

Wednesday, Jany. 6, 1864

No warmer this morning. Have drawn no rations for three days. None at Division Commissary. Noon - wind lulling somewhat. Evening - wind higher again - very cold.

Thursday, Jany. 7, 1864

Wind went down about ten o'clock this morning. Our Mess (No. 1) and Mess No. 2 chip in together and buy a barrel of flour for $12.00. Drew nine pigs feet and a few potatoes this morning. Have drawn no bread for four days. Wrote to Lizzie. Report says one of the pickets, belonging to the 69th Indiana froze to death last night.

January 7, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to L.S.

Friday, Jany. 8, 1864

Sun out this morning - some warmer. Have regular guard mounting this morning and calls all given today. Joe is washing. Wrote to Jake Hostettler. Take a dose of salts this afternoon. Am quite sick - have chill and fever. Have a large boil on my face.

Saturday, Jany. 9, 1864

Feel some better but lay abed all day and do no duty. Have difficulty to keep warm although the sun is shining and the day is warm and pleasant Take another dose of salt this afternoon. Mail in this evening. Received letters from Hen Levingston , Virgil Sheely, Aunt Love Frey, and a letter and diary from Brownhill.

Sunday, Jany.10, 1864

Am all right again this morning and ready for duty. Air damp and it is trying to rain a little. Arranging and copying my diary into new book this forenoon. Mail goes out at last, first to leave since the day before Christmas. Write to Brownhill and Cy Martin.

Monday, Jany. 11, 1864

Occupied this forenoon in overhauling and burning my old letters. Wrote letter to Dave Williams.

Tuesday, Jany. 12, 1864

Sun shining and weather pleasant today. Wrote letters to Aunt Love Frey and Virgil Sheely. Brigade ordered out double quick this afternoon to go to Indianola, reported fighting up there this evening at supper time.

January 7, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to Aunt Love Fry

Wednesday, Jany. 13, 1864

Moved up to Indianola on the boat Matamoras. Two regiments, 16th Ohio and 69th Ind. on the boat. Are quartered in houses. Four Companies A, B, D, and E in this house which has seven rooms downstairs and four upstairs. Fenner and I put up a bunk for us to sleep on.

Thursday, Jany. 14, 1864

Putting things to rights this morning. Inspection this afternoon by regimental officers. Major Mills was thrown from his horse but fortunately was not hurt much. Commenced a letter to Lizzie.

January 14, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to L.S.

January 14, 1864 - letter from James Parson to T.B.L.

Friday, Jany, 15, 1864

Musicians ordered to go to a house by themselves. Wash Littell, George Notestine, James Rickerd and I have a room. There are three rooms in our house. Noon. Almost fixed up and have to move to commons and put up our tents again. Don't know the cause.

Saturday, Jany. 16, 1864

Grand review of our division by Gen. Benton beginning at 10 o'clock this morning. The 16th O.V.I. was highly complimented for its soldiery appearance and good marching by Gen. Warren commander of the first brigade. Dress parade this evening.

Sunday, Jany, 17, 1864

Went down town for my drum stick and stop at church as I came back to camp. Went down to church tonight again. T. Anderson of the 22nd Iowa regiment, preached. Ike McCullough came back to the regiment tonight.

Monday, Jany. 18, 1864

Mail in -- received a Republican. Finished and sent my long letter to Lizzie. Fenner and I have our miniatures taken this afternoon -- cost $1.00 each. Dress parade this evening.

Tuesday, Jany. 19, 1864

Wrote a letter for Nate Young. Fixing up our tent. Brigade inspection at two-thirty this afternoon. Baking this evening. Dress parade.

Wednesday, Jany. 20, 1864

Began a letter to Hen Levingston. Making a drum stick -- mending my pants and reading this forenoon. Afternoon. Brigade drill and dress parade. Make a shanty for Joe and my drum. Finish my letter to Hen Levingston and take a smoke.

Thursday, Jany. 21, 1864

Wrote a letter to the Republican and commenced one to Lizzie Shera. Brigade drill this afternoon. Small mail in -- nothing for me.

January 21, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to the Holmes County Republican newspaper

Friday, Jany. 22, 1864

No drill today. Finished my letter to Lizzie Shera. Dress parade this evening. Went to church in town tonight. Mail went out. Six of our Provost guards captured by the rebels above Port Lavacca.

Saturday, Jany. 23, 1864

Am twenty-two years old today. Wrote a letter to Mother this forenoon. Brigade drill this afternoon. Mail in - receive letters from Father and Bill Fleming and a Republican. Wrote to Mother tonight.

January 23, 1864 - letter from T.B.L. to Mother

Sunday, Jany. 24, 1864

Wrote a long letter for John Edgar to his Mother. This afternoon Fenner and I went down town. Had an oyster supper tonight.

Monday, Jany. 25, 1864

Battalion drill occupied the forenoon and brigade drill the afternoon.

Tuesday, Jany. 26, 1864

Wrote to Billy Fleming and began a letter to Lizzie before drill. Brigade drill this afternoon. Took a dose of salts this morning for my blood.

Wednesday, Jany. 27, 1864

Took another dose of salts this morning. Made a bench. Brigade drill this afternoon. Bought a quire of paper from Frank Wilson for 50 cents. At church tonight. Sermon by Chaplin of the 114th. The 33rd Illinois go home on furlough today.

This is the end of the Linn diary text known to this website. It is likely additional portions of the diary exist and research will continue in an attempt to locate and publish them if found.

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