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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
90-Day Regimental History
History of Company E
Web Author's Notes:
The following are excerpts from the History of Clark County, Ohio, providing a brief history of Company E of the 90-day regiment.


This regiment was one of the first to respond to the call of President Lincoln for 75,000 men, upon the outbreak of the war. Co. E was from Springfield, and contained many first-class men. among whom were quite a number of students from Wittenberg College. The late Capt. Levi M. Rhinehart, of the Eleventh Ohio Cavalry, who was killed by the Indians, February 20, 1865, was a member of this company, and was promoted to First Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster for the three months service. Seth R. Arbogast was also a member, but being sick with fever, was unable to muster; so his name is not borne upon the official rolls. Of the one hundred and four men who composed this company, forty-three became commissioned officers during the progress of the war. Two were Captains, killed at Gettysburg. While many others have become prominent in the ministry and at the bar. The Sixteenth Regiment served in Western Virginia, was in the battles of Philippi, Rich Mountain and Carrick's Ford. In the early part of May, 1861, the ladies of Springfield prepared a fine set of silken colors, and presented them to the Sixteenth; these colors were afterwards transferred to the three years organization. Gen. Carrington also presented this (three months') regiment with a splendid flag, finely wrought with silken embroidery, which cost over $300.

The above sketch is from notes furnished by Col. Philip Kershner, late Captain of Co. E, three months' service. The period of service was from the 23d day of April, 1861, to the 18th day of August, 1861.


Captain, Philip Kershner, pd Lieutenant Colonel 16th O. V. I. three years.
First Lieutenant, William H. Wade, pd Captain 31st O. V. I.
Second Lieutenant. Forrest Pool, dd.
Ensign, Lewis Morton, pd Lieutenant Colonel 97th Ill. Vols.
First Sergeant, William H. Doll.
Second Sergeant, James Swype.
Third Sergeant, Russell P. Twist.
Fourth Sergeant, Thomas A. Cord.
Fifth Sergeant, Jesse C. Trimmer.
First Corporal, James Cowan.
Second Corporal. Alfred Miller.
Third Corporal, Wm. Harris.
Fourth Corporal, Nelson J. Starrett.

Arbogast, Wm. H.
Kurtz, Daniel
Ahlers, August.
Kyle, St. John.
Aelair, Wm. H.
Lattimer, Samuel
Albert, Geo. R.
Leffel, James.
Bell, Wm. M.
Leuty, George.
Berry, Frank M.
Lee, Hiram M.
Banwell, Wm. N.
Long, John C.
Baker, Brinton.
Lynn, Osborn S.
Burkholder, Barton
T. Ladley, Oscar D., pd
Capt. Conway, James. Vols., 1st Lt. 22d Inf.
U. Clark, George. S. A. d
Clifford, Wm.
Lawrence Delaney.
Conklin, John L.
Lawrence, Milo.
Cushman, Henry C.
Mahler, Martin.
Chambers, John T.
Menacb, John H.
Drumm, Andrew B.
Miller, Thos. P.
Drummond, Win.
Miller, Saml. G.
Doll, James.
McRean, Geo. I. dd
Drake, Saml. P.
McKinney, Tully.
Davy, J. O.
McCarty, Wm.
Dugdale, Wm. H. pd Srgt.
Neely, James S. 8th O. C.
Patton, Jos P.
Elder, George.
Peters, Matthew H.
Floyd, Geo. W.
Phillips, Edwin R. pd Capt.
Golden, John 6th Ky. Cav.
Gibson. Andrew
Paden, James
Gibson, Wm.
Roberts, Thos.
Grange, George W.
Rhiend, Henry
Good, Martin M.
Rogers, Leonard
Grau (Green?), Albert W.
Richardson. James
Hockman, Frederick
Smith, Ira B.
Herrigan, Bernard
Steelman, Henry
Humphries, Geo. W.
Stewart, Oscar.
Holl, James M.
Snyder, Jacob
Hubert, Albert
Stephens, Henry
Henderson, John M.
Stiener, Benjamin
Hawks, Peter M.
Slaughter, Martin
Hedrieth, Philip
Salsberry, Jas. 10th O. B.
Hart, Daniel
Soaper, Stephen
Hallenbeck, Aaron E.
Toland, David
Irvin, Coryington S.
Williams, Jacob
Icenberger, Alexander
Wissinger, Daniel, jr.
Jones, Simeon C.
Widdicomb, John
Johnson, Eli C.
Welder, Charles R.
Kimbert, Daniel
Williams, Hamilton
Kooker, Nicholas F.
Walker, Wm. H. H.
Kindle, Wm. F.
Warner, Lewis
Vance, James


This band was taken into the service from Springfield. The common practice of the United States service, before and at the time of the breaking-out of the war, was to have a band for each regiment. This custom was adopted by the volunteer regiments in both the three months and three years services, until 1862, when orders were issued that bands should be organized for brigades and divisions only, and that the musicians comprising them should be detailed from the ranks, with some special provisions for the pay and emoluments of the leaders and principal musicians. What is now known as the Seventh Regiment Band has a local history running back, in an unbroken line, for nearly or quite a fourth of a century. Perhaps no other local organization has been mingled with the public affairs of Clark County to the extent that this one has. No celebration, parade, festival, fair or funeral has been quite complete without the presence of "the band." Col. Kershner, in a recent letter, says "Through the efforts of influential members of Company E, Henry Hawkens Band joined the regiment at Columbus," etc. The band was composed of

Henry Hawkens, Leader.
John Paden
William Stubbe dd
William H. Irvin dd
M. K. Thalls dd
R. V. B. Christi.
Amos Harnish
Oliver McIntyre
Isaiah Richards
John N. Worthington
Jacob Kills dd
John L. Cashman
Samuel Harmin

The services of the band were paid for by contributions from the officers of the regiment, excepting the small sum of $13 per month, which each man received as pay as a private soldier.

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