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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment from
June 14 to July 3, 1864

During this time the 16th Ohio remained camped along the Mississippi River near Morganza Bend, Louisiana. Here is a summary of the various military events which occurred during this period:

Cpl. Theodore Wolbach, Company E, provides some thoughts and anecdotes about the regiment during this time:

The dwindling away in numbers of the regiments had long been noticeable. Death, resignations and sickness had not abated in its work. It was not uncommon for Colonels to command divisions, Captains regiments, and Sergeants companies. No matter how small a regiment had got, the men were unwilling to have the organization broke or to be consolidated with some other. A feeling of regret pervaded the troops when in special orders it was announced to us that the 13th corps as an organization was discontinued and the troops in this department belonging to it were consolidated with the 19th army corps. We were proud of the record of the old 13th and loved its popular commander, Gen. McClernand, who had gone north on sick leave and would undoubtedly never come back to us. In the new organization we belonged to the 1st division, 19th army corps, commanded by Gen. M.K. Lawler.

There was a disposition with many boys to make money. Some gambled; a few bought things and peddled them through camp; others made what they called ginger beer and offered it, finding plenty of buyers. A raid was made on these beer venders one day, barrels knocked in the head and stock destroyed.

On one of our recent movements through the back country, the 16th was commanded by Captain Wm. Ross. During one of the many halts that were necessary, some of the 22d Kentucky boys came to him and reported that Sergeant Playford, of the 16th, had been arrested by a New York colonel, tied up to a tree and a guard placed over him. Much feeling was manifested by the soldiers of these two regiments that had served so long together and cherished for each other a love as strong as that of Jonathan and David. Men began to congregate preparatory to making a rush to rescue the Sergeant. Captain Ross however prevented a more serious crisis by unceremoniously going to the spot, relieving the guard and cutting Playford down.

This period map shows the approximate location of the site where the 16th Ohio camped from May 29 to July 3, 1864.

Modern day wide view map showing the estimated location ( A ) of the 16th Ohio's campsite at Morganza Bend, Louisiana, from May 29 to July 3, 1864.

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