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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
August 4, 1862

On this day, a Monday, DeCourcy took his brigade from its camp at Tazewell on a march toward the Clinch River, about seven miles to the south. Some light skirmishing occurred near Sycamore Springs with one Rebel killed and four or five wounded. No Union soldiers were harmed. A member of the 16th Ohio known only as WILSCOT described the day in a letter back home to the Tuscarawas Advocate newspaper:

On Monday morning the Brigade took up its line of march for Clinch river, seven miles distant, where the rebels were reported encamped, eight thousand strong. There was a slight skirmish near Lycomon [Sycamore Springs?], in which one rebel was killed and four or five wounded. Our loss nothing. Seventy wagons escorted by two companies of the 16th loaded within three-fourths of a mile of the river, and returned without accident. The Brigade re-occupied its camp near Tazewell, Monday evening...

Period map showing the approximate route of Col. DeCourcey's brigade, including the 16th Ohio, on their foraging mission to Sycamore Springs, Tennessee, August 4, 1862
Image ©2000 by Cartography Associates via David Rumsey Map Collection
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