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Letter (#3) from Sergeant Daniel G. Spring, Co. E, 16th OVI,
to the Holmes County Republican newspaper at Millersburg, Ohio
near Vicksburg, Mississippi - December 31, 1862
Published January 29, 1863
Web Author's Notes:
This is a letter from Sgt. Daniel G. Spring, Company E, written to an editor of the Holmes County Republican newspaper in Millersburg, Ohio. Spring wrote the letter just two days after the regiment's worst disaster at the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou.

Sadly, Sgt. Spring, after having served in the 90-day 16th OVI and through the worst battles of the three-year regiment, was killed at the Battle of Big Black River, on May 17, 1863, during Gen. Ulysses Grant's move to take Vicksburg.

The letter was provided by website contributor Paul Doty, 2nd great grandson of Pvt. Joseph Christopher, Company B.

newspaper article


From the 16th Regiment,

NEAR VICKSBURG, Dec. 31, '62.

MR. ESTILL--Dear Sir : I write you a few hasty lines in reference to the Holmes county boys in our company, which, I have no doubt, will be read with interest by their friends at home. We have sustained a serious loss. Never did men conduct themselves more gallantly than those from Holmes county, and, indeed, all of the 16th Regiment, in this terrible contest. The battle commenced on Friday, the 26th inst. On the 29th our regiment made a splendid charge up the hill against the extensive and frowning fortifications of the enemy.

Col. Kershner was either killed or badly wounded. Four Captains, six Lieutenants, and there hundred and fourteen men among the missing from the 16th, but we know many of them are taken prisoners.

The following are the missing and wounded of Capt. Taneyhill's company:

Missing--Lieut. R. H. Vorhes, Serg't M. Ling, J. McClugage, F. I. McKee, A. Buckmaster, T. Christopher, John Kimerer, W. B. Taneyhill, J. Watts, G. Kelsey, S. I. Uhl, J. Deets, Geo. Jordan, George Snyder, J. Schuceberger,--- Drushell, N. Shrimplin, J. H. Wilson, --- Grim, J. Davidson and S. Chapman.

Wounded--J. S. Spring, finger shot off, T. A. Kelly, slightly by a shell, I. Caskey, thumb shot off, O. Knox, head slightly; J. Wright, three flesh wounds, A. Dial, slightly, D. G. Spring, left arm, slightly. Yours, in haste,


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