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Letter (#2) from Private Daniel G. Spring, Co. G, 16th OVI (90-day),
to the Holmes County Republican newspaper at Millersburg, Ohio
Camp Jackson, Columbus, Ohio - May 14, 1861
Published May 23, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
This is a letter from Pvt. Daniel G. Spring, Company G, written to an editor of the Holmes County Republican newspaper in Millersburg, Ohio. Spring wrote the letter while he and the 16th Ohio were at Camp Jackson in Columbus, Ohio, being trained and outfitted for the war.

Sadly, Pvt. Spring would go on to re-enlist in the three-year 16th OVI and fighting in its worst battles, only to be killed at the Battle of Big Black River, on May 17, 1863, during Gen. Ulysses Grant's move to take Vicksburg.

The letter was researched and transcribed by long time website contributor John Pierson, a likely descendant of 16th Ohio soldier Pvt. Enos Pierson, Company C.

newspaper article

May 14, 1861

Mr. Caskey: While I have a little time, I will take the pleasure to write you a few lines to let you, and all the friends, hear from the "Holmes County Boys." We enjoy ourselves very well during good weather, but when it rains it is quite the reverse. Our boys are highly tickled by the honor conferred upon the company, by all being accepted. Last Saturday afternoon we were marched to the State House and were inspected, all passed inspection, were sworn in, and received into service. After an hour's pleasure in the city, we again filed into ranks and marched to quarters in Camp, where we yet remain! Here I would say that we are the only company that has been inspected and found unobjectionable, excepting the Van Wert company, which to-day passed everyone without any objection. It is said that our regiment (the 16th) will perhaps remain here as a home guard. This may be the case, and it may not. However, this will not be agreeable to all, for I know that quite a number of us would rather go forth and spill our blood in defence of the Union, and let our bones bleach on southern soil than ever once, in the least part, stain the honor of Holmes county, or any one of those honorable gentlemen, or pretty Ladies whom we represent.


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