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Excerpts and Highlights from the
Twenty-eighth Regimental Reunion
16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Wooster, Ohio
September 23-24, 1903
Web Author's Notes:
Below is a transcription of the recorded proceedings of the 16th Ohio's twenty-eighth reunion at Wooster, Ohio. It was taken from an unidentified source, assumed to be an addendum to the original Proceedings of Eleven Reunions Held By the 16th Regiment, O.V.I, compiled by Enos Pierson, Secretary of 16th O.V.I. Reunion Association, in 1887. This document was provided by fellow 16th OVI descendant H. Arlan Heiser of Ohio.

Certain misspellings from the original document, believed to be accidental, were corrected, while others were transcribed as recorded.

Proceedings of Eleven Reunions Held By the 16th Regiment, O.V.I

Twenty-Eighth Annual Reunion

Of the 16th Regiment O. V. I. in Wooster, Ohio, September 23d
and 24th, 1903.

Old Glory has once again gathered under her protecting folds a goodly number of the surviving members of the honored and never to be forgotten 16th O. V. I.

The session was started by a social gathering at the pleasant home of Comrade and Mrs. A. Branstetter Wednesday evening, Sept. 23d at 7 o'clock. Over forty of the comrades enjoyed the generous hospitality of the host and hostess until 10 o'clock. The time was spent in handshakes, stories and laughter and many a heart beat lighter because of this hearty meeting.<.

Mr. Elbert Finch, an extensive shoe manufacturer of Springfield, Ohio, was in attendance at the reunion for the first time. While not a soldier by enlistment, he was with the regiment most of the time, his father being Quartermaster of the 16th O. V. I. The old veterans were all glad to renew their acquaintance with Elbert and hope he will come often, as we consider him a member of the Association.

On Thursday morning, Sept. 24th, the Association convened in G. A. R. Hall for the annual meeting, and at 9:30 o'clock was called to order by President Branstetter. After invocation by Rev. F. M. Hickok, Mayor Van Nest in an able manner delivered the address of welcome, in a way that pleased the veterans greatly. It was responded to by Capt. H. T. Fisher of Cleveland. Capt. Fisher's response was eloquent and to the point.

Secretary Pierson then read the minutes of the twenty-seventh reunion, which on motion of Comrade Morrison were adopted.

Treasurer Samuel Metzler, then made the following report: ...

(full transcription forthcoming)

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