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Letter (#1) from William McCormick, Private, Cos. G, H, 16th OVI,
to his wife, Charlotte Scott McCormick
Camp Cumberland Ford, Kentucky
March 3, 1862
Web Author's Notes:
The following letter was transcribed from the original letters of William McCormick, a private in the 16th OVI. This transcription was kindly provided by Joni Crane, 3rd great-grandaughter of Private McCormick. The McCormick family passed these letters down through the years until they were acquired from Alice Armstrong (McCormick) by her grandson, David A. Hilliard. The letters were donated to the United States Library of Congress, Rare Manuscripts Division, with copies retained by the family. Please go to the McCormick Letter Index page to read an introduction by Joni Crane.
Perry Davis Pain Killer Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills Perry Davis Pain Killer

Pvt. William McCormick

Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills

Perry Davis Pain Killer

Camp Cumberland Ford March 3rd, 1862

Dear Wife,

I take pleasure in informing you that I am now able for duty. I have just finished my washing and will now endeavor to give you the news.

In the first place we have three funerals today. S. Updike, belonging to Capt. McClure's company, he died yesterday and also two of Capt. Richeson's men. One is John McKean of Fredericksburg and the other is young McIntire from Bristol, the R.R. Agent's son at that place. They all died with what they call amonia or in plain terms, exposure.

I think we will leave this place soon. I want you to put up a package for me and send it along with the bearer of this letter. He belongs to our company and will bring it through for me. I will enumerate to you what I want.

I want two boxes of Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills, a small bottle of Davis Pain Killer, Two cotton shirts and my summer vest. Letter paper and envelopes and if you have it, yours and the little ones likeness on one plate.

Since thinking over, I will send this by mail to you so that you can have those things ready by the time Corp. G. Hornmer calls for them. He will be in Fredericksburg in eight or nine days from the date of this and Lottie, if you can put up those things in a small box and send without discomforting yourself, you will do me a great favor. But if you have not yet the money to spare for these things you need not send them.

I still have a cough but otherwise I am doing well. We have to drill six hours everyday and it is very hot here although it is the mountains, the sun pours down the heat in the middle of the day.

I will send you a few lines in by Corp. George Hornmer, and you can when he gives you the lines, give him the package for me. Put a card on the package with my name on it.

Give my best respects to all inquiring friends. Tell Jas. Corswell and Robert Scott that I intend writing to them soon and I am going to write Father Scott a very nice letter.

Lottie, I have been true to you and will be to the end. I don't hardly ever think of or wish for a you know what. It seems as though soldiering cures men of their amorous senses. My undying love to you Lottie and a kiss to Johny and Clary. Write soon yours ever,

William McCormick

P.S. We have had a chaplain appointed for our Regiment. He has not yet arrived. It is the Rev. Matlock who used to preach in Millersburg. We had preaching last Sunday by the Rev. Carter from Center C----, Wayne County. My best wishes to Jos. Miller and family.

Yours, WMC

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