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Journal of Samuel Lay Jacoby
Private, Company K (90-day)
April 24, 1861 through July 31, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
The journal of Samuel Lay Jacoby, a private in Company K of the 90-day 16th OVI was transcribed by descendants of the soldier and kindly provided to this website by Erica Joan Jacoby, great-great granddaughter of Pvt. Jacoby. Please read the Journal Preface written by Jacoby family members for interesting and detailed information on the journal and Pvt. Jacoby.

Samuel Jacoby was a member of Captain Milton Mills' Company K which, along with the rest of the regiment, was the first to enter Confederate territory during the Civil War. They crossed the Ohio River into the state of Virginia which had seceded from the union. The regiment then participated in the first official land battle of the Civil War at Philippi and captured the first Rebel flag. After his 90-day enlistment expired with the 16th OVI, Samuel returned to his native New York and re-enlisted with the 50th New York Engineers and continued service to his nation building bridges and other works in eastern Virginia and the Washington D.C. area.

Pvt. Samuel Lay Jacoby

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