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of the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
First to Cross Into Confederacy
May 28, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
Below are transcriptions or images of various historical references to the 16th Ohio being the first Union regiment to cross into Confederate territory in the Civil War. Such grand accomplishments are often claimed by others so the reader must make up his own mind on which seems most believable and likely. It is a fact that the 16th Ohio was the first regiment or with the first regiments which crossed the Ohio River into what was then still Virginia, on May 28, 1861.

An excerpt from a biography of Capt. Miller Moody, Company I, by Robert Moody:

Miller learned of the outbreak of the Civil War (at Fort Sumter) in the daily paper. Anticipating a declaration of war and a call for troops, Miller went to Mansfield to be in telegraphic communication with Governor Dennison. On the morning of April 16, a large crowd formed at the depot awaiting the train from the north for news. As the train pulled into Bellville [Ohio], the engineer opened the whistle-valve and the train shrieked into town; the news proclaimed by the whistle. Miller was on this train and had already been appointed Captain with authority to raise troops for the war effort. Miller raised a company of about 75 men. After a few days of drill, the company thus raised went to Camp Jackson in Columbus. The company was known at that time as the Jefferson Guards and was assigned to the 16th Ohio Volunteer Militia as Company I. The Bellville Village Council raised about $700 to the support of the families of the volunteers should the necessity arise where such aid would be needed. The Sixteenth was the first regiment to cross the Ohio River into the Southern Confederacy and performed guard duty along the B&O Railroad and repaired and rebuilt bridges burned by the rebels. Miller's unit was in the battle at Phillipi, the first battle of the war. Afterwards, the Sixteenth encamped at Rowlesburg along the B&O.

Below is an excerpt from an article appearing in the Mansfield Ohio News-Journal published July 13, 2008 and referencing the 16th Ohio being the first American troops to carry the flag into Confederate territory and being the first to receive Confederate fire.

Capt. Miller Moody, Company I (90-day)
Captain, Company H, 59th New York Volunteer Infantry, Died November 7, 1862, from wounds received at Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862.

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