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This Web Site is dedicated to the memory of Milton Mills and his regiment, the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. My name is Michael Wood and I am Major Mills' great-great grandson. Our family possesses numerous original documents and papers plus some photographs that were kept by Milton Mills and handed down through the years. We also have his still blue officer's coat with matching red, silk sash along with his sword. These relics along with genealogical research and family stories have made us feel like we sort of "know" the Major.

This site presents all information that can be found on the 16th Ohio. This includes images and transcriptions of personally held documents and relics as well as contributions from wonderful people who have sent physical artifacts, scanned images, relevant links and transcriptions relating to the regiment. I will continue to collect, format and present everything I can find on the 16th O.V.I. In some way, this work seems to reconstruct the regiment, long since disbanded and whose memories would otherwise fade away forever. I believe the 16th Ohio was a good example of what most of the infantry regiments were like and what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War. I'm sure the thoughts and emotions of the soldiers and officers of the 16th Ohio were nearly universal during America's great struggle to remain a nation in the dark days of the Civil War.

Your comments, suggestions and inquiries are always welcome and any information you wish to share with the website is considered precious and adds to the growing treasure of this memorial to the regiment.

Please keep checking back periodically to see new information and features.

Thanks for visiting!

16th OVI Home Page Disclaimer