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About The Information On This Website

I am the sole author and publisher of this website. I have no special credentials as a historian and claim no expert knowledge on the American Civil War and general history of that time. I do collect and compile all the information about the regiment and its soldiers I can find on the Internet as well as from various books and the vast amount of information sent to me from descendants and friends of the regiment, both through email and postal services. I work very hard at ensuring all information, dates, names, locations, photographs, maps and other data presented is as accurate as my abilities allow me to determine. I avoid presenting information which cannot be confirmed or I make notations if that information is unconfirmed or in dispute. Historical records contain many inaccuracies and contradictions. Many of these issues can never be resolved but I publish the results of often painstaking research with the good intentions of being accurate.

Any information which is found to be incorrect is purely accidental and, upon good evidence of that inaccuracy, will gladly be corrected, annotated as such or removed completely. I encourage anyone that finds incorrect information on this website to please email me.

Much of the material, including photographs and texts, are gathered from the work of others. I make every effort to gain written permission from the owners of such information if it has not yet entered the realm of public domain. If anyone finds material on this website that they own and do not wish it to be used or require credit be provided, please just let me know. The Internet has provided us with an amazing and massive wealth of information but has created huge complexities regarding ownership rights and rules of usage as well as the ability to even know who owns material and how to contact them.

As stated on the Home Page, this website and all research is funded privately, by me, and does not accept and has never accepted any monetary support from any individual, institution or business. Occasionally, if an excerpt from a published work is used, a brief mention of the availability of that work is made with respect to its owner. Amazingly, after over 18 years, not one person has ever denied this website permission to use their material nor complained about anything I have already published. Thanks to everyone for their good hearts and generosity and help in making this memorial to the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry possible.

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