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Original Regimental Documents
Statement of Food Sold
Company D
Camp Dennison, Cincinnati, Ohio
December 3-16, 1861
Web Author's Notes:

This document reflects a transaction between the post sutler at Camp Dennison, Ohio, and Company D of the 16th Ohio, showing the purchase of food for the soldiers for the first two weeks of December, 1861. At this time, the 16th Ohio was still at Camp Dennison, waiting for orders to go to war. The regiment received those orders and departed for Lexington, Kentucky on December 19. It is assumed the counts represent dollars, the specific food items issued not specified.

There are 84 names listed of the 93 enlisted soldiers believed to be present at Camp Dennison during this time. It is possible some soldiers were in the hospital or otherwise sick at the time and did not receive these rations.

The document remains and was scanned in its original form, multiple sheets of ruled paper having been glued together to accommodate the entire list. The separate sheets were not perfectly aligned, however, some adjustment was made during the scanning process as multiple images were required and digitally recombined.

This document was among the papers of Maj. Milton Mills and was handed down through his family. Mills was Captain of Company D at the time this document was prepared.

Capt. Milton Mills

Capt. Milton Mills

document back

Statement of Food Sold

token issued by sutler
I. A. Hutchinson
at Camp Dennison, Ohio

Sutler Hutchinson Token
Sutler Hutchinson Token

document front

Statement of Food Sold

I. A. Hutchinson
Post Sutler apc. With
16th Regt. O.V.U.S.A.
Co. - Capt. Mills
Amt. $198.00

Statement Showing Amount of Foods Sold to the
16th Regt. O.V.U.S.A. Col DeCourcey, by Isa A.
Hutchinson, Post Sutler at Camp Dennison O.
From Dec. 3, 1861 to Dec. 16, 1861.

Company Capt. Milton Mills.

Geo. Alberts1
G. H. Arrington1
Jos. Arnold2
Jas. Bagent1
Jas. Bagen ?1
Thos. Bagent2
Wm. Butler2
L. Butler3
Israel Buckaloo3
Henry Baker3
T. M. Baker2
Frank Buress4
G. W. Cooper1
A. Cassner2
J. B. Campbell4
J. W. Cross3
Robt. Duden3
Wm. Dunmead4
Dan. Dunmead3
Jesse Davis2
Geo. Wash. Davis3
Geo. W. Davis3
Elijah Erwin2
Spencer Fletcher3
Wm. Gould2
W. H. Hughes1
Jacob Henry1
E. J. Hickey3
James Holder3
Sam. Hardisty3
Wm. F. Jackson1
Wm. J. Jackson2
W. H. Jenkins2
Jno. Knapp1
D. Killpatrick3
I. L. Kinney3
A. G. Keys6
George Lee2
Wm. Loyd4
Wm. Lemert2
Sam. Linn2
Jas. Layton3
Wm. McGee1
Chas. McClaren2
H. McMurry2
Frank Monroe 2
Chester McVicker1
E. McVicker3
Jas. McFarland2
Thos. McFarland3
Fred Miller2
Alex Murphy2
Thos. McBride2
C. C. Myers2
Newton Mills1
John Mills3
J. R. Norris2
Wm. Ogle2
Thos. Oulrick2
Thos. Payton1
John B. Pausler2
W. H. Ruckle1
Chas. Roney2
John Ryan2
Christ. Schoeck1
S. W. Shaffer1
Wm. Sills [Sells]1
W. H. Spurgeon1
Ed. Simms3
Jno. Shadrick2
Thos. Shipley4
J. M. Stine4
Dan. St. Clair3
Wm. St. Clair4
Chas. Tatum2
I. L. Thompson3
Dan. Titus3
Jas. Turney4
Chas. Vickers3
Jos. Vanostrum3
F. M. Vanostraw4
P. Walrath1
Henry Wright2
John Wallace4

The above apc. is made from Orders on the
Paymaster certified to by the Captains of

I. A. Hutchinson

Post Sutler

Camp Dennison


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