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The Texas Coast Expedition
November 25, 1863 to April 17, 1864
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President Lincoln wanted Union troops to occupy and maintain a presence in Texas. It was feared the Confederates would form an alliance with Maximillion, the self-declared French emporer of Mexico, sent by Napoleon, and pose a dangerous military threat to the United States. Additionally, the Confederates were able to use the Texas coast to access the Gulf of Mexico and trade cotton, thus supplying the South with much-needed cash and supplies. General Nathaniel Banks was selected to send troops to various points along the Texas coast and control the state for the Union. Banks ordered several missions into Texas from the Gulf and occupied the coast from Brownsville, east, to the Matagorda peninsula. The 16th Ohio would participate in the expedition at its eastern-most point, on Matagorda Peninsula, Indianola (on Matgagorda Bay) and Matagorda Island. The regiment was deployed here from December 1, 1863 until April 18, 1864, over four and one-half months.

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Descriptions, Articles and Various Accounts
Description #1 - Townsend An excerpt from an excellent book by Stephen A. Townsend describing, in great detail, the military and political background of the expedition as well as the purpose and results of the mission.
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Photographs, Sketches and Images
Image #1 View of the Matagorda Island Lighthouse, visible to Union troops in and around Matagorda Island, including the 16th Ohio
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The Leaders Images of the Union and Confederate officers commanding the forces at the Battle of Yellow Bayou
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