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The Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi
May 23 to July 4, 1863
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The Union assault on the Confederate stronghold at Vicksburg began May 1, 1863, with the Battle of Thompson's Hill. A number of other battles throughout May pushed the Rebels back into Vicksburg on May 19. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant made two assaults on the Rebel's defenses, the first on May 19 and the second, more organized, on May 22. Failing to take the city by brute force, Grant settled down to a conventional siege, the city now being cutoff from all sides with no opportunity for fresh troops, food or other supplies.

The 16th Ohio played a major part in the two assaults on Vicksburg and then on the siege line until June 8, when it, along with the Ninth Division, was ordered to move about 10 miles east, back to the area of Big Black River Bridge, where it would guard the eastern approaches to Vicksburg from Confederate General Joe Johnston.  Johnston was in the area and looking for a way to break the siege and relieve Vicksburg. Eventually, nearly half the Union forces at Vicksburg would be stationed to the east, guarding against what seemed to be a highly likely attack by Johnston.

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Descriptions, Articles and Various Accounts
Description #1 - Description of the siege - Cpl. Theodore Wolbach, Company E Description of the siege by Cpl. Theodore Wolbach, Company E, from the perspective of the 16th Ohio.
Description #2 - Description of siege - Mason Description of the assault as told by Pvt. Frank Mason, Company A, 42nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, from the perspective of the 16th's "sister" regiment.
Description #3 - Description of the siege - National Park Service Brief description of the siege provided by U.S. National Park Service.
Description #4 - Description of the siege - Grant Description of the siege written by Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in his personal memoirs.
Description #5 - Description of the siege - Sherman A detailed description of the siege of Vicksburg written by Gen. William T. Sherman in his memoirs of 1889.
Map #1 - Battlefield Map Good map from the National Park Service showing troop positions at the brigade level, including location of Col. Daniel Lindsey's 2nd Brigade with the 16th Ohio.
Map #2 - Battlefield Map Simple but informative map published in the New York Times, July 8, 1863, showing troop positions around Vicksburg as well as Gen. Osterhaus' Ninth Division, including the 16th Ohio, stationed at Big Black River Bridge, 10 miles east.
Map #3 - Battlefield Map A beautiful birds-eye view drawing of Vicksburg in about 1925, showing the city, rivers and the various roads and monuments making up the Vicksburg National Military Park. Also indicated are the Confederate and Union lines, generally the trenches, occupied during the siege.
Photographs, Sketches and Images
Images #1 - Vicksburg An view of Vicksburg looking east across the river.
Images #2 and #3 - Vicksburg Two early photographs of Vicksburg from The Old Court House Museum.
Images #4 and #5 - Siege Line at Vicksburg Two sketches by A. E. Mathews, Musician, 31st Ohio Infantry, showing the positions of the Seventh Division, 17th Army Corps and of the Twelfth Division, 13th Army Corps on the siege line.
Images #6 - Siege Line at Vicksburg Another sketch by A. E. Mathews, Musician, 31st Ohio Infantry, showing the position of the Third Division, 17th Army Corps on the siege line.
Images #7 - Vicksburg Battlefield - General View An excellent photo of the Vicksburg battlefield, specific location unknown. Library of Congress.
The Leaders Images of the Union and Confederate officers commanding the forces during the siege of Vicksburg
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