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The First Cumberland Gap Campaign
March through September, 1862
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Descriptions, Articles and Various Accounts
#1 - Description of the first Cumberland Gap Campaign - Morgan Detailed account of the Cumberland Gap Campaign of Spring and Summer, 1862, written by its commander, Gen. George W. Morgan
#2 - Description of Advance and Occupation of Cumberland Gap Image of text of report by Col. John F. DeCourcy, 16th OVI, commanding 26th Brigade under Gen. Morgan, regarding the advance on and occupation of Cumberland Gap, June, 1862.
#3 - Report of Occupation of Cumberland Gap Text of the report by Gen. George W. Morgan to Secretary of War E. M. Stanton announcing the occupation of Cumberland Gap on June 18, 1862.
#4 - Description of Gen. Morgan's Retreat to the Ohio River Two newspaper articles describing the difficult march made by Gen. Morgan's division as they retreated from Cumberland Gap back to the Ohio River.
#5 - Detailed account of Cumberland Gap Campaign A 44 page excerpt of a highly detailed account of the Cumberland Gap campaign as written by Pvt. Frank H. Mason, Company A, 42nd Ohio Volunteers (brigaded with 16th OVI)
#6 - Battle of Tazewell, Tennessee -August 6, 1862 A section of the website dedicated to descriptions, reports and images of the Battle of Tazewell.
#7 - Description of Morgan's Return from Gap to Ohio A newspaper article from the Portsmouth Times describing the arrival of Gen. Morgan and the 16th Ohio back on friendly ground in Wheelersburg, Ohio.
#8 - Description of Siege and Morgan's Escape to Ohio A newspaper article from the New York Times, published October 11, 1862, describing the siege of Morgan's garrison at Cumberland Gap and their amazing escape to safety in Ohio.
#1 - Map of Cumberland Ford and Gap area Detailed period map of area around Cumberland Ford and Cumberland Gap, including Lambden's farm, Roger's Gap, Powell's River and Valley and Tazewell, Tennessee
#2 - Map of Cumberland Gap Hand drawn maps made by Sgt. William Buchanan for Pvt. John F. McClelland, possibly at McClelland's request so he could send home to family. Maps show Rebel defenses at Cumberland Gap, shortly before they evacuated. Includes Harlan Road and State Road.
#3 - Map of Cumberland Gap Campaign Professionally drawn military map made in 1877 documenting the entire 1862 Cumberland Gap campaign (may take extra download time).
#4 - Map of Cumberland Gap Modern day map from the National Park Service. It is easy to compare this map with the above period map to see where modern day roads, trails and landmarks line up with the historical places during the Civil War.
#5 - Map of Cumberland Gap Encampment Rough, hand drawn map of the Union encampment at Cumberland Gap originally in possession of Lt. Cushman Cunningham, Company F.
#6 - Map of Kentucky/Tennessee Theatre, May through October, 1862 Map by Hal Jesperson showing general movements of Union and Confederate forces in Kentucky and Tennessee during 1862.
#7 - Maps of Morgan's Evacuation Route from Cumberland Gap to the Ohio River Period maps by A. J. Johnson annotated with the notional but probable route taken by Gen. Morgan's 7th Division in their desperate march to safety from The Gap to the Ohio River, September 17 through October 3, 1862.
Photographs, Sketches and Images
#1- Photograph of Cumberland Gap High resolution photograph of The Gap under Union control - June-September, 1862.
#2 - Sketch of Cumberland Gap A sketch by Frank Leslie showing Cumberland Gap from the Kentucky Side along with the several troops, tents and the Harlan Road.
#3 - Sketch of the Evacuation of Cumberland Gap - view from the south Another sketch showing Gen. Morgan's troops marching away from Cumberland Gap with buildings burning and tents being abanodoned.
#4 - Sketch of the Evacuation of Cumberland Gap - view from the north A sketch from the Kentucky side of Cumberland Gap showing Gen. Morgan's troops marching away with large explosions back on the mountain where Morgan had detonated the remaining powder magazines.
The Leaders Images of the Union and Confederate officers commanding the forces at Cumberland Gap, June-September, 1862.
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