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Military Notes of John M. Boling
Lieutenant, Company B, 16th OVI
List of Casualties From Battle of Chickasaw Bayou
December 28-29, 1862 (continued)
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This list is believed to have been made by Lt. Boling shortly after the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (or Bluffs), December 28-29, 1862. It reflects the status of 16th Ohio soldiers as known by Boling at that time. The counts of killed are very close to what can be observed in the Roster of Ohio Soldiers, compiled later, including the specific ranks shown.

This was the bloodiest battle fought by the 16th Ohio, losing about 340 men and 11 officers, killed, wounded or missing. Many more died from their wounds in the weeks and even months after the battle. The regiment's numbers never recovered and of the original 1100 who enlisted, only about 440 soldiers mustered out at the expiration of their term of service on October 31, 1864.

The total of Lt. Boling's killed, wounded and missing is about 264 which is somewhat short of the number of casualties later reported at about 350. This discrepancy cannot be resolved other than speculating Boling, so soon after the battle, did not get as accurate information as what could be compiled later.

Lt. John M. Boling
"Missing9Capt. 1S 1C
"Wounded112S 1C
"Missing23Cap 2nd Lt. 1S 2C
"Missing303? 3S 2C
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