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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Wednesday, June 1, 1864

On this day the regiment remained camped along what is believed to have been referred to as the Baton Rouge Road, about 10 miles from their main camp at Morganza Bend, Louisiana.

It should be noted that in his diary, Pvt. Robert Newt Gorsuch, Company B, mentions the regiment's camp was on ground where the 19th Iowa had been captured the Previous fall. The 19th Iowa participated in the Battle of Bayou Fordoche (or Sterling's Plantation), near this spot, on September 29, 1863, and suffered heavy casualties with most of the regiment being captured and sent to a Confederate prison in Texas.

This period map shows the approximate route of the 16th Ohio and other units on their scouting mission of May 30 to June 2, 1864. The route shown is notional but based on distances and landmarks mentioned by the soldiers and the apparent available roads at the time. This map shows the road probably used by the regiment some distance from Bayou Fordoche where it is more likely to have run close to the bayou.

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