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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment from
April 5 to 12, 1863

On April 5, the 16th Ohio, having been in camp at Young's Point and Milliken's Bend since January, broke camp and marched 12 miles to Richmond, Louisiana, on Willow Bayou, where they would stay for eight days. This move was part of the initial actions taken by Grant to encircle Vicksburg, the general plan being to move the forces south on the west side of the Mississippi River, past Vicksburg, then cross back over the river and attack from the south and east, while maintaining a constant barrage from the river against the city by Admiral Porter's gunboat fleet.

Map showing the route of Grant's army, including the 16th Ohio, from Milliken's Bend, Louisiana, south to Richmond. This map also provides a good overall picture of Grant's entire campaign against Vicksburg during the spring and summer of 1863. The 16th Ohio was part of Grant's route the entire way (dark blue line):

Modern day map of the 16th Ohio's march from Milliken's Bend to Richmond, Louisiana

Blue pin - approximate position of Milliken's Bend, Louisiana, where the 16th Ohio and much of Grant's force camped for the winter of 1863
Green pin - Richmond, Louisiana, where the 16th Ohio and elements of Grant's force marched and camped during the initial stages of the renewed attack and siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi
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