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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Saturday, January 10, 1863

On this day, McClernand's force disembarked on the east bank of the Arkansas River, east of the fort at Arkansas Post. In very brief summary, Sherman's Corps attacked the Rebels at their first line of defense, a line of rifle pits along a levee running from the river to the swamp. Sherman maneuvered his troops by flanking right to reach around and enclose the entire Rebel position. Gen. Morgan was busy moving his troops and artillery ashore and by the time this was accomplished, the day was over. The Rebels realized they were about to be surrounded and abandoned this outer line of defense, falling back to a second clearing in the rear of the Fort. Private Frank Mason of the 42nd Ohio continues:

Just before sunset the Rebels had opened fire from the Fort upon the transports in the river, and by way of keeping them busy and getting the range, the three ironclads had steamed up and engaged the Fort in gallant style (it was this fire from the gun-boats ... that forced the enemy to abandon his front line early that night).

...The remainder of Morgan's Corps, including DeCourcy's Brigade with the Forty-Second (and 16th OVI), bivouacked in some large cornfields near the landing, known as Lambdin's farm.

* Italicized text, above, taken from The Forty-Second Ohio Infantry - A History of the Organization and Services of That Regiment In the War of the Rebellion, 1876 - F. H. Mason, late Private of Company A - Cobb, Andrews & Co., Publisher.

Period map of the Battle of Arkansas Post. Note Col. DeCourcey's brigade is shown as in reserve, some distance behind the battle area:

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