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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Monday, November 10, 1862

On this day, the 16th Ohio, along with Col. John DeCourcey's brigade, left Charleston, (West) Virginia, after spending 11 days in the city. The regiment experienced no fighting and, in fact, did not see the enemy during their occupation of the city. The regiment left at 6:00am and marched 17 miles west and north to Poca, (West) Virginia, on the banks of the Kanawha River and where that river is joined by the Pocatalico River.

Pvt. Robert Newt Gorsuch, Company B, tells us that at 9:00pm the night before (November 9) he was sent to the wharf at Charleston to help load ammunition on a steamboat named Glenware. The next day (November 10) He was assigned to help guard the ammunition and took the boat on the Kanawha River to Red House, (West) Virginia where they spent the night.

*Some information from Civil War Diaries and Selected Letters of Robert Newton Gorsuch, recently published in book form by Newt Gorsuch's great grandson, Everett Gorsuch Smith, Jr. The book is available for purchase from various Internet sources.

Wide and close view modern day maps of 16th Ohio 's march from Charleston to Poca, (West) Virginia on November 10, 1862 (positions approximated):

Blue pin - Charleston, (West) Virginia
Red pin - Poca, (West) Virginia
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