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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Thursday, October 2, 1862

On this day the 16th Ohio, part of Morgan's 7th Division, awakened from their campsite, just south of Grayson, Kentucky, having slept all night with their guns loaded and ready. They had expected to engage in a fight with the Rebels but found they had fled the area. They proceeded to march through the town of Grayson and made camp in nice meadow where they were able to grate corn and bake cakes, enough to get them to the Ohio River. At 4:00pm they started their northward march again, following the valley of the Little Sandy River, travelling 12 miles to what was described as the "odd looking hamlet of Old Town, Kentucky [not found on current maps], arriving there about midnight.

Morgan's Division contained many soldiers who had enlisted in the 14th and 22nd Kentucky Infantry and who actually had to march past their own homes. Cpl. Theodore Wolbach, Company E, writes in his post-war Camp and Field articles,

It was a trying ordeal to many of them to pass by their homes and only have the bare privilege of shaking hands with or exchanging a word with the loved ones that rushed to the roadside to greet them with such glad hearts, but, oh, such tearful eyes.

Wolbach writes further of their reaching Grayson,

The Confederate cavalry ceased to harass or bother us in any way farther than this point. All the way from Manchester, through the rugged hill region, they had stuck close to us and tried hard to bother us. With the exception of stampeding our beef cattle at Hazel Green, they had played a losing game, and were now ready, after pursuing us a hundred and fifty miles, to let us pass unmolested to the Ohio River

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