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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Saturday, September 27, 1862

On this day, the 16th Ohio and Morgan's Division resumed their march at noon. After about two miles they encountered Rebels but drove them away, capturing seven mules and a case of surgical instruments. The Division continued their march to West Liberty, Kentucky, arriving their at 9:00pm, having marched eight miles. They (at least the 16th Ohio) camped in a meadow on the banks of the Licking River.

It is believed the Rebels encountered this day were part of Confederate John Morgan's cavalry, which had been harassing the Union troops for many miles. The Division was now two-thirds of the way from Cumberland Gap to the Ohio River. The troops, most of whom believed they would never make it, began to be optimistic about reaching the Ohio.

From the two Confederate recruiting officers captured at Hazel Green they learned that a strong Rebel infantry force was marching to join John Morgan at West Liberty. Hearing this, General Morgan was somewhat satisfied that he had, by beating the Rebels to West Liberty, gained the advantage of fighting the enemy on "his ground", while the trains could be sent forward (northeast) away from the danger. The troops were weary but highly aggrevated by the continual harrassment from the Rebels, all along the way. They were ready for a fight if that's what the Confederates wanted.

* Some information and italicized text, above, taken from The Forty-Second Ohio Infantry - A History of the Organization and Services of That Regiment In the War of the Rebellion, 1876 - F. H. Mason, late Private of Company A - Cobb, Andrews & Co., Publishers.

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