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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
Tuesday, September 23, 1862

On this day Morgan's Division resumed it's journey, marching all day until they bivouacked at 9:00pm [location to be determined].

About dusk on this date a caisson belonging to the 9th Ohio Battery was capsized into a creek. The shock exploded a percussion shell, which ignited the powder in the chest, tearing the carriage to atoms, wounding four men and killing a mule.

Records indicate the 16th Ohio, with DeCourcey's and Spears' brigades, having taken what is described as the "hill route" from Manchester, arrived in Proctor later than the main Division, as they were performing the duties of rear guard. It is believed these units started from a camp south of Proctor on the morning of September 23 at 9:30am, and marched until 10:00am when they halted and did not resume their march until 2:00pm. The reason for this halt is not known. DeCourcey and Spears resumed their march at 2:00pm and reached Proctor on the Kentucky River at 9:30pm, about 12 hours after the main Division had already resumed their march north.

* Some information and italicized text, above, taken from The Forty-Second Ohio Infantry - A History of the Organization and Services of That Regiment In the War of the Rebellion, 1876 - F. H. Mason, late Private of Company A - Cobb, Andrews & Co., Publishers.

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