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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment from
June 19 through 26, 1862

During this time the 16th Ohio, along with the rest of Gen. Morgan's Division, rested, camping on a knoll near the Confederate works atop the Gap until the 27th of June. The soldiers settled down to a routine, taking time to investigate the caves, springs and other features of the Gap. The area was rich with berries and fresh water and it was a time of peace for the regiment but not without the requirements of military life as dictated by their Colonel. Cpl. Theodore Wolbach, Company E, remembers:

Col. DeCourcey shut down on us with the iron hand of a martinet, and subjected us to the strict discipline that we already had experience of but had been somewhat relaxed during our active campaigning. The Colonel was now in command of a Brigade and a particular friend and counselor of Gen. Geo. W. Morgan, our popular division commander. Though sociable and friendly with his superior he was mainly cold and severe towards the common soldier, who never allowed an opportunity to escape to play a joke in return.

This is a photograph of Cumberland Gap from the Tennessee side, looking northeast into The Gap. It can be assumed the 16th Ohio made their first camp somewhere on the hills in this photo.
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