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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Where was the regiment on
March 29, 1862

On this Saturday in early spring, 1862, the regiment moved it's camp from near Cumberland Ford, Kentucky, several miles down river (northwest). As an example of the conflicting information found when researching such historical events, here are three references to the regiment's move from Cumberland Ford to their new camp, Camp Patten:

Cpl. Theodore Wolbach, Company E:

We left our camping place at the ford and moved four miles further down and on the north side of the river and pitched tents on a beautiful slope at the side of the valley on the farm of Mrs. Patten, or Widow Patten as she was familiarly known.

Pvt. Peter Perrine, Company C:

Left the Ford & moved back across the river about 3 miles and camped on the mountain side near the Widow Pattents which is known as Camp Pattent.

Pvt. William McCormick, Company G:

We have moved back on the north side of the river, two miles from where our last camp was...

It is assumed the new camp was northwest of Cumberland Ford since the reference to down river implies the direction of the river's flow, in this case, to the northwest.

This website's research can find no reference to the name Pattent or Patten or Patton in the vicinity of Cumberland Ford which would help locate Camp Patten. The location of the camp, shown below, is the best approximation possible given the available information.

Period map showing the approximate location of the 16th Ohio's new camp, Camp Patten, below Cumberland Ford, Kentucky>
image from Library of Congress
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