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Letter to William H. Siegfried, Private, Company C, 16th OVI
From His Father, Isaac Benjamin Siegfried
January 16, 1863
Web Author's Notes:
The following letter were transcribed from the original letter to William H. Siegfried, a private in the 16th OVI, from his father, Isaac Benjamin Siegfried. This transcription was kindly provided by Dan Siegfried, great-grandson of Private Siegfried, and was typed exactly as originally written.
William Siegfried

1863 Wayne County O,. Big Prairie P.O.
January 16the

Sir i this day i take my peen in Hand to inform you that we ar all well at pressent and i hoope this will finte you the same then i like to no the reason why you dont rite to me anne more for we ar all the time looking for a letter from you but we dont git no more from you now you no thad your Mother is alwais affretting all the time now i want you to rite more and oftner as you have dun for som tim and i want you to rite to me how you sent your Box so as i no how to git it if you sent it by Express we cin git it yet i believe so and state the station ware you shipt it from and the Dere-ction as it is on the Box, but if you sent it as fraid it will be hard to finte but be shure and give me the rite Place ware you sent it from so thad we cin sent to the plaice for it and then it will com yet then furter i let you no thad the rests is all well your anty Louisa is at ouer house to day and T. W. Newkirks is all well so is Sams family and gitting along well now i want you to rite me a Letter Every Wheke at least no i let you no thad we have plenty of snow for it is about 12 inches Depe and still sowing som yet then i let you no thad Spriner McCothin startit to Columbus last night i want you to let boose your Unkles rete this Letter and tell them thad this is for all of you and Sam be shure and let me no about the Box, for it has not com yet then i let you no thad Mr. Gobbon is verry sick and thay dont sing he will git well agin he is werry low i hant mutsh news to rite this time only i want you to write often so as we cin hear from you how you ar and if you git this letter i want you if you cin git your monny to due so and sent it hom so as itwill be save for you for if you dont you will loose it all and sentit home by Express to Lake will station or Wooster for if you woot be kilt or the man thad has your monny it is gone or if your Regiment is taken prisnor you loos it it all no mor but our love to you and Sam Siegfried Sam Reich from your Father and Mother

I. B. Siegfried

answer this right of in haste

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