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A Transcription of the
Fifth Regimental Reunion
16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Canton, Ohio
September 1, 1880
Web Author's Notes:
Below is a transcription of the recorded proceedings of the 16th Ohio's fifth reunion at Canton, Ohio. It was taken from the Proceedings of Eleven Reunions Held By the 16th Regiment, O.V.I, compiled by Enos Pierson, Secretary of 16th O.V.I. Reunion Association, in 1887. This document was provided by fellow 16th OVI descendant H. Arlan Heiser of Ohio.

This short transcription is all that is available for this reunion

Certain misspellings from the original document, believed to be accidental, were corrected, while others were transcribed as recorded.

Proceedings of Eleven Reunions Held By the 16th Regiment, O.V.I

Fifth Reunion


The Association convened in Old Temple Hall, Canton, O., September 1st, 1880, and was called to order at 8:30 o'clock, a.m. by the President, S. N. Coe.

On motion, Enos Pierson was elected secretary.

Minutes of last reunion read and approved, after which a resolution was offered and adopted, endorsing the action of the officers in changing the time and place of holding the Fifth Reunion, said change being made in consequence of the following invitation from the Soldiers and Sailors Reunion Association of Canton, Ohio:

CANTON, O., August 5th, 1880.

To S. N. Coe, Esq., President, 16th O. V. I. Reunion Association.


On behalf of the executive committee of the Soldiers and Sailors Reunion Association of Stark County, I have the honor of inviting your command, (the 16th O. V. I.,) to meet with us on the occasion of our National Reunion to be held in this city on the 1st of September, 1880, when a general good time and a grand rally of veterans is expected.

I am truly yours,

W. O. MYER, Secretary.


Therefore, in consideration of the above invitation and of the greater convenience and personal enjoyment of meeting the comrades of other commands, assembled in reunion, it is ordered that the Fifth Be-enniel Reunion of the 16th Regiment O.V.I. be held in the city of Canton, O., on the 1st day of September, 1880, at which time and place all our comrades are earnestly requested to be present.

S. N. COE, President.

On motion, a committee was appointed to select time and place for holding the next reunion.

The following comrades were appointed: James Robinson, A. Branstetter, J. H. Fraim, A. H. Switzer, H. McClarran, Jas. Jobe and W. P. Van Doorn.

During the absence of the committee the roll was called and the following reported present.

(reunion attendance pages to be developed)

The Committee appointed to select time and place for holding the Sixth Reunion reported, August 11, 1881, as the time, and Crestline as the place, and that we extent an invitation to the 22d Kentucky to meet with us. After a spirited discussion on the report as to time and place, the report was amended by striking out Crestline and inserting Mansfield as the place for holding the Sixth Reunion and the 42d and 120th O. V. I. were added to the invitations, after which the report was adopted as amended.

The following officers were then elected:

PRESIDENT--Thos. T. Dill, Mansfield.

VICE-PRESIDENT--Harry McClarran, Wooster.

SECRETARY--Enos Pierson, Wooster.

The hearts of the boys were made to rejoice at sight of those ever welcome and dearly beloved friends and comrades Dr. and Mrs. B. B. Brashear, who came as usual laden with beautiful boquets, and as we grasp their hands memory carries us back to the scenes of Camp, Field and Hospital, where their pleasant and genial countenances and words of encouragement made us, for the time, forget the weariness and hardships of the march and the dangers of the battlefield. Long may they live to enjoy these happy reunions with their boys.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

RESOLVED--By the members of the 16th O. V. I. in reunion assembled that their grateful thanks are due to the citizens of Canton and Stark county for the cordial welcome and magnificent hospitality that they have enjoyed.

There being no further business to transact, the Association adjourned to meet in Mansfield, O., August 11th, 1881.

S. N. COE, President.

ENOS PIERSON, Secretary.

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