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16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - 38th Reunion Images
September 17-18, 1913 - Loudonville, Ohio

Veteran soldiers of Company B, 16th OVI, posing for reunion photo, September 17 or 18, 1913, on front porch of unknown home.  Back of photo captioned "Uncle Donald & Aunt Suzie in middle".  No first name of "Donald" is found on the regimental roster, however, an Isaiah Donald was a member of Company B and married a Susan Linhart after the war.  Are these the "Uncle Donald and Aunt Suzie" written on the back of the above photo?  Is this the home of Isaiah Donald or is he one of the veterans sitting on the porch?  See the gravesite and obituary of Isaiah K. Donald.

Update 3/1/14: An image of Isaiah Donald has been found in the minutes of the Company B Reunion - 1907 and that image matches the man sitting next to the door. It can then be assumed the woman next to him is, indeed, his wife, Susan "Suzie" Linhart Donald.

Image courtesy of Pat Okin whose son found this "postcard photograph" in a house he purchased in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania, and who graciously donated the actual photo to this website.  Thanks Pat and son!

Note most of the men seem to be wearing their white reunion ribbons.  This reunion was held 52 years after the formation of the 16th OVI three-year regiment.

See a high resolution (longer download) version of this image

It is noted in the transcript of the 38th Reunion that soldiers attending stayed in the town hotels while some stayed at the homes of private citizens who offered up their homes for the soldiers.  It could be assumed the younger couple sitting to the far right are the homeowners but their names are not known so their relationship to the 16th OVI, if any, is unknown.  Names of the various soldiers in the photo are not known but based on the records of the 38th Reunion, the following soldiers from Company B attended:
    Major R. W. Liggett, Lakeville, Ohio
    Corp. B. F. Wilson, Holmesville, Ohio
    Corp. M. F. Strock, Brookfield, Mo. - sitting back row, fourth from left
    Corp. Samuel Frizzell, Killbuck, Ohio
    Private Joseph Christopher, Killbuck, Ohio
    Private I. K. Donald, Loudonville, Ohio - sitting closest to front door
    Private Joseph Beagle, Crestline, Ohio
    Private Nathan Young, Canton, Ohio
    Private Thomas B. Linn, Indianapolis, Ohio
    Private Henry Shire, Lakeville, Ohio
    Private Henry Livingston, Marion, Ohio
We can assume the eight or nine men in the photograph are among those listed just above.

Is this the house, today, where the above photo was taken?
This Google Street View image of 415 N Union St., Loudonville, Ohio, is believed to be the same house at which the reunion photo was taken.  In a highly zoomed view of the reunion photo you can see the house number "415" just above the front door.  Doing a Google search of "415" addresses in Loudonville, Ohio, came up with the above image.  Note the same structure, porch columns, window and door placement. 

Below is an image of a ribbon worn by the soldiers at the 38th reunion. This ribbon, along with some other 16th Ohio artifacts being sold on EBay, is believed to have been owned by Cpl. Myron F. Strock of Company B. Strock is show in the reunion photo at the top of the page and a zoomed version, below, sitting in the back row, fourth from the left. What is very likely the very ribbon shown, below, can be seen pinned to Cpl. Strock's coat, similar ribbons being worn by most of the other men.
The image of the officer on the ribbon is one of the 16th Ohio's commanders, Major Eli W. Botsford. Botsford commanded the regiment from December 29, 1862, when Lt. Col. Philip Kershner was captured at the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, until the return of Maj. Milton Mills (also captured at Chickasaw Bayou) on June 3, 1863.

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