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Letter (#1) from Capt. James McNulty, Co. G, 16th OVI (90-day)
Fredericksburg, Ohio - August 13, 1861
to the Holmes County Farmer newspaper at Millersburg, Ohio
Published August 15, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
This is a letter from Capt. James McNulty, Company G, to the citizens of Orrville, Ohio, via the Holmes County Farmer newspaper. McNulty and the 16th Ohio were on their way back from duty in western Virginia having nearly completed their 90-day enlistment. The regiment was apparently treated to a great meal by the citizens of Orrville and McNulty is thanking them for their kindness.
newspaper article

For the Farmer.

FREDERICKSBURGH, Aug. 13th, 1861.

MESSRS. EDITORS:--On Saturday morning, the 3rd inst., the McNulty Guards, principally Holmes County boys, direct from the seat of war in Western Virginia, arrived at Orrville under my charge. And on account of the kindness and good feeling shown us by the citizens of that place, in prepairing for us a table so bounteously spread with the products of their own labor, also for the complimentary and heart-felt remarks of Judge Orr to the camp-worn boys, we cannot let the present opportunity pass without expressing our feelings; therefore

Resolved, That we, the McNulty Guards, hereby tender to the citizens of Orrville, especially the ladies, our sincere thanks for the kindness shown to us during our short stay in that place.

Resolved, That from this exhibition of kindness, we are led to confide, that though we have been absent upon the field of battle defending the Flag and Constitution of our Country, we have not been forgotten, and that the memory of our efforts found an abiding place in the hearts of our patriotic citizens at home.


Co. G., 16th REG. O. V. M.

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