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Letter (#2) from Private John F. McClelland, Co. B, 16th OVI,
to his wife, Rachel Lockhart McClelland in Millersburg, Ohio
Camp Tiffin, Ohio - November 24, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
Images of the following letter were provided by Bob and Judi Hill. They were found in a box of papers owned by Judi's mother. The letter is from Judi's ancestor, John F McClelland, a private in Company B of the 16th OVI, to his wife, Rachel Lockhart of Millersburg, Ohio. The letter was written from Camp Tiffin, Ohio, where the 16th OVI and other regiments were preparing to enter the war.

A wonderful part of this letter is the hand-drawn picture of John, standing in front of his military tent - This is my home. Compare the self-portrait of John with his actual photo and note the likeness.

Additional history tells us the letter's author, sadly, was later captured during subsequent action at Cumberland Gap and died of disease on September 20, 1862, probably as a Confederate prisoner.

Below the images of the letter is my attempt at transcription to the best of my ability.

Thanks to Bob and Judi Hill for sharing these precious artifacts from the colorful and poignant history of the 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the American Civil War.

Please note the contrast of the letter images has been enhanced to make them more readable. Spelling is transcribed as near as possible to match the original author's and end of sentence periods were added, when necessary, to make reading easier.

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Camp Tiffin Ohio
Nov 24th, '61

Dear Rachel,

I take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well hoping that these lines will find you in the same state of health. It has been one week since I was at home. At the time I was there I did not think that I would be in Camp Tiffin until this hour, but so it is. The weather is cold and snowy but I [?] comfortable and enjoy that blessing which God has granted to me good health. We most certainly will leave here this week. It is not known to a dead certainty what day but it is the general opinion about Tuesday. The boys are all well & in good spirits; talk considerable about catching rabbits, however there are none inside of

the guard lines. Well Rachel I have not much to write at present, but I will have to write something - last night some person got into our mess box and carried off five loves but no fishes, however it did not throw me to any inconvenience from the fact that I went down to church today & Joseph would have Newton Gossuch and I go with him & take dinner. You may bet on it we did not refuse. We went and we ate long after the rest of the boarders were done & after we were done Joseph filled our packets with crackers and we Left. We then went to the depot to see whether there were any passenger cars there, but found none. I don't know anything more to write you at present. Tell Lucy & Allie to keep their heads combed nice & their faces clean until I come back and then I will show them what I will do. Little Jos. I will not forget

Note: John and Rachel had three children: Lucy Leora (1851), Albertine Victoria (1854) and baby Josephine Luella, 1860.

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very soon what a [woolling?] she gave me. Well you will have to get along the best way you can. Sell that sow for whatever Albert or Henry says she is worth. That list that I was telling you about is now in Millersburg and what method you will have to pursue I know not. Albert can find that out. And that four bushels of oats up at Allisons get it if you can it will be as good to you as to him. One thing more and I am done. I want you to [take?] those pigs along till next fall and if the war ends I will have some-thing to feed but probably I am looking to far ahead however it would be well at some convenient season to get Albert to see to getting them you know what before they run away. No more at present. I still remain your affectionate Husband.

page 4 - This is assumed this is a self-portrait by John McClelland - see McClelland's photograph to compare.
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This is the original envelope which contained the above letter sent by John McClelland to his wife, Rachel:
Envelope for McClelland Letter #1

Mrs. Rachel McCleland
Millersburgh Holmes
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