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Letter (#3) from Private Oscar Derostus Ladley, Co. E, 16th OVI (90-day),
to his mother, Catherine, sisters, Mary and Alice, and Ann Griswold in Yellow Springs, Ohio
Camp Jackson, Columbus, Ohio - May 22, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
This letter was written from Camp Jackson in Columbus, Ohio, where most Ohio troops were gathered, regiments formed and assigned to duty both at the start and throughout the war. It was written while the 90-day 16th Ohio was training and preparing to go to war.

Images of this letter courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University.

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Camp Jackson Columbus

May 22, 61.

Dear Mother, Sisters, Ann, & all the rest of the folks.

Mr. Ly?? ??? Richardson have just arrived in Camp with a lot of eatables & for which we are very thankful. It is getting dry once more which makes thing more comfortable and lively. There is always some excitement in of some kind in Camp. The boys will get out in spite of officers bayonets or anything of the kind. nothing stops them. Almost every minute you can see the guard running some fellow who has broke guard, and if they catch them they

have to go in the guard house. It will be a great wonder if Eggs are not very high here this summer for I don't believe there is a chicken within several miles of this place. The soldiers break guard every night and bring in Chickens by the dozen.

The officers of this company want us to go for three years very bad, but I don't think that more than half of them will go. You say you don't want me to go for three years. well if you don't want me to go I will not. If I was an officer then I would be as anxious to go as they are

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for there is some difference between private and an Officer. while on duty they can do as they please with us. We are just like Negroes. Epuletts make a great difference. a great many private know more than most of their officers. there is too much difference made between privates & Officers. We don't know whether we will get $20.00 per month or $8.00. We cant tell where we will be tomorrow or next week. nothing about it.

When we start I will tell you where we go. Nothing more.

But remain affectionately

My Respects to all. O.D. Ladley.

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