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Letter (#10) from Private Oscar Derostus Ladley, Co. E, 16th OVI (90-day),
to his mother, Catherine and sisters, Mary and Alice in Yellow Springs, Ohio
Camp Oakland, Maryland - July 26, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
This letter was written from Camp Oakland, near Oakland, Maryland, where the 16th Ohio was stationed toward the end of its term of service to help defend against Confederate intrusions into the area.

Images of this letter courtesy of Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University.

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Camp Oakland Md. July 26, 1861.

Dear Mother & Sisters,

We arrived

here last sunday and joined balance of our Regt. which have been stationed here for some time while we have been tramping all over western Va. it is all over now, and I would not have missed going through what I have for any thing although very hard and discouraging at the time. We are encamped about 3000 ft above the level of the sea at a place called Oakland a great summer resort of the fashionables from Baltimore. but there are very few here this season. Jeff Davis has his

residence here during the hot months. he owns a fine house here. The nights are very cold. the people say they have frost every month in the year. The snow was deep enough two weeks ago to track deer &c. This is the dividing ridge between Eastern and Western Va.

I supose you have read of the fight we had at Carricks ford ere this our three companies were there, but the papers don't seem to notice us.

We are daily expecting orders for home. several of the three months Regts. have gone. our time is out and has been for several days.

Our Captain has just returned from Columbus and brought us a new suit of cloths to

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These are envelopes used for some of the Ladley letters sent home during this time. It is not known which specific letter went with each envelope.
Ladley letter envelopes

come home in. we would be laughed at if we had been sent home in our rags.

The papers will let you know when we start, but we can't tell until we get the orders and they come about fifteen minutes before starting.

Nothing more

But remain affectionately

O. D. Ladley

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