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Letter from four officers of Companies B and E, 16th OVI
Camp Tiffin, Wooster, Ohio - October 15, 1861
to the people of Holmes County, Ohio
Holmes County Farmer newspaper, Millersburg, Ohio
Published October 17, 1861
Web Author's Notes:
This is a open letter from the Captains and two Lieutenants of Companies B and E, while these two units were first forming up and training at Camp Tiffin in Wooster, Ohio, to the citizens of Holmes County, Ohio. It was published in the Holmes County Farmer newspaper.

The senior officers of the two Companies are asking the citizens of Holmes County to refrain from providing more food, in the form of picnics, to the soldiers, and instead, bring them clothing and other items they will need during the upcoming winter. The letter may be partly in response to the very picnic being planned by Holmes County residents and which was advertised in the same edition of the newspaper (see article below letter).

Richard W. Taneyhill (Tannyhill/Tanneyhill) was Captain of Company E. He resigned from the 16th Ohio on March 1, 1864, and re-enlisted as a Private in Company I of the 76th OVI.

William Spangler was Captain of Company B and Joseph Edgar was his 1st Lieutenant. Capt. Spangler would die of sickness a few months later on January 19, 1862, at home. Lt. Edgar was promoted to Captain but would be killed at the Battle of Tazewell, Tennessee, less than a year later, on August 6, 1862. Lt. Robert W. Liggett would be promoted to replace Edgar but would be dismissed by Secretary Stanton of the War Department on March 13, 1863, for unspecified political reasons. Liggett appealed his dismissal directly to President Lincoln and would eventually be re-commissioned as a Captain in the 166th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and be promoted to Major of that regiment, mustering out on September 9, 1864.

The letter was researched and transcribed by long time website contributor John Pierson, a likely descendant of 16th Ohio soldier Pvt. Enos Pierson, Company C.

newspaper article

Camp Correspondence.

CAMP TIFFIN, Wooster, O.,
October 15, 1861.

TO THE PEOPLE OF HOLMES COUNTY: We have been informed that you intend to give the 16th Regiment a grand Pic-Nic in the course of a few days. This we do not need, as Uncle Sam furnishes enough for our men to eat at present, but does not furnish enough clothing. Our men need blankets, long-legged stocking, under-shirts and lining to their blouses. These articles should be all woolen. Now, if you wish to benefit our men here, send us a lot of these articles, instead of sweetmeats that only create sickness. Holmes county will soon have one hundred and eighty men in this Camp.

Wayne county is doing well by the men here in presenting them clothing and eatables. We have another Pic-Nic today, but Pic-Nics will be stopped in this Camp after today.

Capt. R. W. Taneyhill,
Capt. W. Spangler,
Lieut. Edgar,
Lieut. Ligget.

Richard Taneyhill
Capt. Richard W. Taneyhill
newspaper article

Soldier's Pic-nic.

A large number of the friends and relatives of the two volunteer companies, now in camp at Wooster, from this county, will assemble at Wooster on next Tuesday to give the boys a grand Pic-nic. It is desirable that those who go to Wooster will wait until all get in so that they go to the camp together. Let all who go prepare themselves well with eatables, so that they will be able to give the brave boys a good parting dinner. See communications from Camp

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